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(A special thanks to user jules for these amazing gfx!) Hello, 2019!

With the Boon Awards well underway, and Valentine’s fast approaching, we thought we would give out a mini New Year’s quest for you all to participate in during the wait! From January 16-31, you’ll be able to participate in the New Year’s Quest by searching owner: autumn and heading over to [APQ] Entrance. Read below for most quest details!

In any quest, the goal is to complete the room ahead of you and move into the next one. With this New Year’s Quest, we thought we might change it up a bit. In the entrance room, you will have the option to go either left or right into path one or two. Whichever path you choose will determine which rooms you end up in - but there’s a catch. You must pick path one or two in every single room!

Choosing to do so may alter your course in the quest - you may end up having to do more rooms, less rooms, or even repeat rooms, so choose wisely!

(Note: If you enter a room and you do not enjoy said game, be careful if you decide to walk back into the previous room to change paths - you will more than likely have to repeat the previous game.)

Also during the time of January 16-31, we’ll be running a small scavenger hunt! In order to participate, simply search up our current staff in the navigator (ex. owner: tonta) and take a sneaky peek through any of our unlocked rooms. There are five rooms total, each belonging to a different staff. It might be a bit tricky, though, as once in the room you must double-click furni within to get the badge!

If you manage to find and collect all five of these beautiful cocktail badges, put them all on and search owner: autumn and head back into [APQ] Entrance in order to receive the grand cocktail badge below. (You must be wearing all five BEFORE you enter the room.)

We hope you all enjoy these mini New Year’s festivities, and we’ll be back with more soon! Keep an eye out for Boon Awards voting round two as well as Valentine’s events.

Habboon Staff

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