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Check out the previous article for the announcement information originally. This article is just to inform players of times and a link to the prize spreadsheet, thank you!

"That sounds exactly like me, pespidoge! B-but, what is LMS?!"

That's an easy question to answer. LMS stands for Last Man Standing and is widely known around the hotel for the most respectable challenge. Users who enter gain the utmost respect as much as self-respect for taking care of their bodies and being totally normal-minded when entering as they intend to spend as long as possible on Habboon Hotel.

Users will meet in the official Last Man Standing room, hotel alerted 30 minutes before the event begins, and be given a dead line time to arrive. When the doors shut, they remain shut. Nobody enters, everybody... but one, leaves. There will be regular checks (starting with every 30 minutes, then progressively getting smaller - this system might be different now) to make sure users are not AFK within the LMS room. If so, they will be escorted nicely to hotel view - only to be left in their own sadness and solitude and to re-think their lives, and drown in tears of what could have been. 

The LMS start-times will be 9PM for their respectful time-zones.

AUS (BRISBANE, AEST, GMT+10) - 9PM - Click for countdown!
GB (LONDON, GMT, GMT+0) - 9PM - Click for countdown!
USA (NEW YORK, EST, GMT-5) - 9PM - Click for countdown!

The prize-list and participant spreadsheet can be found here (prizes are not added yet but expect similar to previous LMS games): 
Click here for the prize-list/participant sheet!

For any more information regarding the LMS, please find a member of staff on the hotel. They'll be happy to help and pass your question on, if they can't answer.

This challenge is not authorized nor recommended by the Global Health Organization. All users who enter have entered at their own risks and Habboon Hotel cannot be held eligible to any injuries, family-issues, torn friendships, unfed animals or in worst cases - death. Entering this LMS means that you are totally aware of the worst consequences possible. If you begin to hallucinate due to no sleep, you are weak and should be ashamed of yourself.

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