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Hello Habboon!

Luckily for the month of March, there’s a wide range of activities for you guys to participate in for the rest of the month with two different themes: St. Patrick’s Day alongside Scooby-Doo! There will be plenty of events such as a quest, carnival, relay race, and much more where you can win badges and other exciting things!

Will you be lucky enough to find all the pots of gold that sneaky Elisa has spread through the hotel? Make sure to check out all of the public rooms and Elisa’s open rooms, to find and count all the pots for the chance to win the badge below as well as diamonds. Make sure you look closely, as objects are not always in plain sight!

The winners were picked by putting all names that submitted the correction amount of pots of gold into a randomizer and choosing the 6 names listed. Winners receive the badge below as well as 25 diamonds each.








Please see elisa or another staff member about receiving your prizes.

Can you dress as sophisticated as Velma? As clean as Freddy? As pristine as Daphne? As wild as Shaggy? Or as… doglike as Scooby?

Well, here’s your chance to prove it! Dress as any character ever shown on any Scooby Doo movie, television show, book, or picture and submit them by clicking the submission button below by the due date, and the top three will receive a cool badge!




Carlotta the Gypsy

40 Diamonds




25 Diamonds




15 Diamonds

Please see linds, MOD-devi, MOD-eggyolk or MOD-desiree about getting your prizes!

We hope you all enjoyed the festivities this month! If you have suggestions for new events/quests/games you want to see on the hotel, be sure to speak with linds, annabelle or autumn in-game or on discord!

Habboon Staff

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