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x huge thanks to user saturn for these amazing gfx! x

Welcome to Story of the Week with your favorite female-duo of Habboon, autumn and annabelle!

Story of the Week is an article where we love to hear the creativity you guys can come up with! Every week we’ll release a new writing topic and you will have your chance to write something up and submit it to us for your chance to be featured in next week’s article! Winners will receive special SOTW-exclusive badge and article points which can be gathered in order to purchase prizes!

- Please note that we will check for plagiarism and anything that has been copied will result in you being disqualified from this week’s article -

Last week’s theme was: Writing Prompts

Congratulations to the winners below! Take a moment to click on their username and read the masterpiece they’ve written!

1st Place: Pandoria

2nd Place: far
3rd Place: ChelseaMarie

This week’s theme is: Writing prompts! We're giving you THREE writing prompts for ideas to write your story around. You only have the option to write about ONE of them however! 

First prompt:
 Write about how magic is the norm. Some excel at it, some are only okay, and others are against it completely, despite being able to use it. Your main character is the latter.

Second prompt: Write a story about your character and while awaiting test results in the hospital, they encounter an…odd  person who teaches them about a world beyond their own – and better than their own.
Third prompt:
 Your character hears a language they’ve never heard uttered before that day…yet they understood every single word. Turns out, they’re not really from where they think.

PLEASE remember you only have the option to write about ONE of the given prompts above. Have fun and go wild with your imagination! 

Has this week’s topic sparked your inspiration?!

We are glad to hear it! Type up your segment and paste it into TextUploader, then hit the nifty Submit button at the bottom of the article. Fill out the required form including your username and story link, and submit!

x huge thanks to user guinn for these amazing badges!

Every week three winners will be chosen who submit the most captivating piece of work!
Each of the top three will receive a badge in order of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

1st Place: First place will receive the gold badge pictured above.

2nd Place: Second place will receive the silver badge pictured above.

3rd Place: Third place will receive the bronze badge pictured above.

*As we are still deciding prizes, you can collect badges from us but don’t worry! We’ll keep a list of winners who will receive prizes once they’ve been determined.*
*Winners will have until the next submission deadline to collect their prizes from autumn & annabelle in-game.*


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