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Welcome to Story of the Week with your favorite female-duo of Habboon, autumn and annabelle!

Story of the Week is an article where we love to hear the creativity you guys can come up with! Every week we’ll release a new writing topic and you will have your chance to write something up and submit it to us for your chance to be featured in next week’s article! Winners will receive special SOTW-exclusive badge and article points which can be gathered in order to purchase prizes!

- Please note that we will check for plagiarism and anything that has been copied will result in you being disqualified from this week’s article -

Last week’s theme was: Writing Prompts

Congratulations to the winners below! Take a moment to click on their username and read the masterpiece they’ve written!

1st Place: shreya

Now for some sad news... :(

Due to lack of submissions, SOTW will be ENDING. We want to say thank you to everyone who has taken their time to participate and send in their amazing stories, we had an enjoyable time reading them and it wouldn't have been as good of an experience without you guys!


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