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Welcome to Gamer of the Week!

hosted by MOD-eggyolk and MOD-cotton!

Welcome back, Booners! GOTW stands for Gamer of the Week, which rewards the top events players of the past seven days. For every hotel alerted event that you win, you will be awarded 1 GOTW point and 1 diamond! Double GOTW points are in effect from Friday 23:59 GMT/BST, until Sunday when the leaderboard is reset. You can keep track of the number of GOTW points you have accumulated per week by looking at the top right hand corner of your screen. At the end of the week, these points are added up and the top three win a groovy badge! We hope you are all excited and ready, and may the best Booners win!

To help new events players out, we've created a compilation of all the games and rules that can be hosted during events. Whether you're a newbie or looking to refresh your memory, check it out by clicking here!

Congratulations to the top three players this week!

Here are the results:


cado with 30 points!


Wired with 25 points!


Doppelganger with 21 points!

This week's winners also get to choose one of these funky badges!

Please find MOD-eggyolk or MOD-cotton in-game to receive your badge. Winners have one week to claim their prize.






A big thank you to those of you who hosted and played events this week!

Please note: if you place in the top three this week, you will not be able to place in next week's article.
 In the event of a tie, the tied players are placed into a random generator to determine the winner.

And in case you need a refresh on the rules, here they are!

 If you are playing, here are a few things to take note:

• Events are meant to be fun for everyone! This means being respectful to both the host and other players. Continued bad behaviour will result in a strike.

• The use of autotypers, keyboard shortcuts (such as Skeys) or any other third party software to gain advantage in events will result in you being removed from the game. Continued use will result in a strike.

• Do not intentionally team with other players in order to gain advantage for yourself or someone else. This includes:
 Sharing answers with other players.
 Leaving events purposely or stopping playing the game with the intention to let another user win.
 Excluding people in "last to"s, changing your mind/disregarding the results of a "last to" in order to keep your friend in the game, or to then state "first to" or any other similar statement in order to change the outcome.
• Any other activity used to give others an unfair advantage in events.

This is known as teaming and if this occurs, you will NOT be able to place in the top three for that week. Any instance of teaming will result in you and the other players involved receiving a strike.

The strike system for players is as follows:

Strike 1: Users will not be able to place in the article for the corresponding week.

Strike 2: Users will not be able to receive GOTW points or diamonds.

Strike 3: Users will not be allowed to play any staff alerted events for the rest of the week.

If you are hosting, here are a few things to take note:

 Ensure that your event room is fully functional (e.g games have been wired properly, other users do not have rights in your room or host badge etc).
• Ensure that you sufficiently explain the rules of each game before hosting them.
 The minimum hosting time is 30 minutes and the maximum is 1 hour. For each 30 minutes that you host, you will receive 1 GOTW point. These will be given after you have hosted provided that you do not get striked as a host by the end.

• Ensure that you pay attention to your event and to any instructions your event supervisor gives you.

 Should you happen to disconnect whilst hosting, you will have 5 minutes to return.

 You are not allowed to rig events for certain users to win.

 You are not allowed to kick (without staff permission), ban or mute users.
 You cannot host events immediately after hosting, meaning that another player must host before you are able to again. 

 Above all, ensure that everything remains FAIR for all players.

 Should you fail to comply with these rules, you will receive one strike. One strike will last for a month. In the case you receive three strikes, you will not be able to host again until the first strike has been removed.

Getting a strike as a player and as a host are two separate things! If you have been given a strike while hosting, you are still eligible to place in GOTW. You are only disqualified from placing if you're given a strike as a player for the reasons above.

For all GOTW rules and FAQs, click here!

If you have any further questions, please contact MOD-eggyolk or MOD-cotton in-game or on Discord!

(eggyolk#9289 or cotton#6484)

Good luck, and see you again next week!

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cotton 2 months ago

well done winners <3

two 2 months ago

Im still the best gamer and u all know it

eggyolk 2 months ago

Well done to the winners this week! Better luck next time everyone else :P

plushy 2 months ago

wowowow congratulations to winners!

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well done winners <3

Im still the best gamer and u...

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