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Welcome to Gamer of the Week!

hosted by eggyolk and cotton!

Welcome back, Booners! GOTW stands for Gamer of the Week, which rewards the top events players of the past seven days. For every hotel alerted event that you win, you will be awarded 1 GOTW point and 1 diamond! Double GOTW points are in effect from Friday 23:59 GMT/BST, until Sunday when the leaderboard is reset. You can keep track of the number of GOTW points you have accumulated per week by looking at the top right hand corner of your screen. At the end of the week, these points are added up and the top three win a groovy badge! We hope you are all excited and ready, and may the best Booners win!

To help new events players out, we've created a compilation of all the games and rules that can be hosted during events. Whether you're a newbie or looking to refresh your memory, check it out by clicking here!

Congratulations to the top three players this week!

Here are the results:


giyu with 13 points!


undead with 13 points!


Michaela with points!

We have some all-time low scores this week. If you fancy a go at winning, now is your chance!

This week's winners also get to choose one of these funky badges!

Please find eggyolk or cotton in-game to receive your badge. Winners have one week to claim their prize.






A big thank you to those of you who hosted and played events this week!

Please note: if you place in the top three this week, you will not be able to place in next week's article.
 In the event of a tie, the tied players are placed into a random generator to determine the winner.

For all GOTW rules and FAQs, click here.

If you have any further questions, please contact eggyolk or cotton in-game or on Discord!

(eggyolk#9289 or cotton#6484)

Good luck, and see you again next week!

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meg 2 weeks ago

cool beans

eggyolk 2 weeks ago

yeehaw well done to the winners this week!!!

Schuterman 2 weeks ago


Paddy 2 weeks ago

woo woo! yay lauren and maggie!

cuddle 2 weeks ago

wow good job gamers i love eggyolk n cotton!!! ! !!

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cool beans

yeehaw well done to the winner...

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