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Lately on the hotel, there has been a ton of spooky-themed costumes which have been catching my attention as much as horror-themed rooms too. Both have been exceptionally well created and because of that, it'd be great to show off the best Halloween-themed creations that users show. 

All you have to do is take a photo (preferably with the camera) and submit it to this Google Form, located here (click me!) or reply to our Facebook post which also has this competition hosted (click here for the Facebook page). The photo can be of anything Halloween themed - a room, a costume, re-creating a movie scene .. anything, long as it gives Halloween vibes.

ALL images must be uploaded to imgur.com and then linked in the Google form. Make sure to contain your username! The best 3 to 5 will be chosen. 

To use the camera, simply use the in-game camera > take the photo > click 'edit' > click 'save' > submit image to imgur!

Why should you even bother doing this? Well, all winners will be given:
- Medieval Crown
- Bat Hat
- Halloween Throne 2019 

Just for taking a photo? Easy business. Thanks for reading. Any questions? Feel free to submit a general ticket, message a staff member, use the :help command or ask on Discord.

- pespidoge

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Kelci 2 months ago

How many pics are we allowed to enter?

salamimand 2 months ago

when is the competition over??

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How many pics are we allowed t...

when is the competition over??

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