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Happy 1st of December!

This year we'll be hosting a daily 'advent article' in which Habboon users will have the chance to contribute daily to earning 'advent points' which will be backlogged by us. We'll share the link to the leaderboard sheet in next week's article so that you can see who's leading up. The top 10 users at the end of the month will receive a Christmas jackpot, courtesy of Habboon's finest bachelors.

If you haven't noticed already, we've begun our Christmas roll-out and added new stuff to the hotel. Snowflakes are the biggest addition, which will see additional items be added to the catalog over the next month - so keep your eyes peeled. 

Snowflakes are earned through activity and events (hotel-alerted GOTW and special one-off staff events that will be put on through the month for your own entertainment) and other... 'special' methods, which you'll be sure to see soon.

Today's advent will be starting off simple. Just click here to see a Christmas Quiz and answer the five questions. Make sure to use the correct username, as we won't be fact-checking any usernames. 

If you have any questions regarding the article, feel free to join the Habboon discord (found in account settings/on the main page) and ask in the support channel for any assistance.

We'll be revealing the 'top 10' prizes over the next few weeks, some which are EXCLUSIVE to this article and won't be earned through any other methods. We look forward to spending Christmas with you!

Happy Holidays,

Habboon Management.

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Kam 1 month ago

This getting me hyped for Christmas :D

xStian 1 month ago

nice nice nice

iu 1 month ago


sarahney 1 month ago


Jupiter 1 month ago

inb4 they give up after the 5th day

careless902 1 month ago

HAPPY HOLIDAY'S!!!!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! EVERYONE ON [email protected]!

meg 1 month ago

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josey 1 month ago

merry christmas!

Kelci 1 month ago

Ooooh, these look fun :) xo Happy 1st December everyone ox

libby 1 month ago

sounds lovely jubbly

xStian 1 month ago

nice nice nice

oliver 1 month ago

shut the fuck up two

two 1 month ago

bring back casinos habbo

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This getting me hyped for Chri...

nice nice nice

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