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What's behind today's advent door?!

This year we'll be hosting a daily 'advent article' in which Habboon users will have the chance to contribute daily to earning 'advent points' which will be backlogged by us. We'll share the link to the leaderboard sheet in next week's article so that you can see who's leading up. The top 10 users at the end of the month will receive a Christmas jackpot, courtesy of Habboon's finest bachelors.

The leaderboard is almost done - but not quite yet. Still deciding who gets the comment points! Will have it with Day 10 - so keep entering to stay on top of your points! Love you all.

Day 10 because this article is 10x bigger than I expected. Just note that so many people are tracking it out on the leaderboard and the turn out is great! Thanks for all the entries. It'll make a lot more sense soon.

Somewhere in the Welcome Lounge, the staff pet mouse 'Big Sean' is in hiding due to all the Christmas noise going on in the hotel. Help find Big Sean in the 'Habboon Lodge' and make sure to submit your answers in the link below.

Big Sean in all his glory.


5 random users who comment will win snowflakes on the hotel in 24 hours! Make sure to leave a comment TELLING US what year was your favourite Christmas and why! :)

If you have any questions regarding the article, feel free to join the Habboon discord (found in account settings/on the main page) and ask in the support channel for any assistance.

We'll be revealing the 'top 10' prizes over the next few weeks, some which are EXCLUSIVE to this article and won't be earned through any other methods. We look forward to spending Christmas with you!

Happy Holidays,

Habboon Management.

Comments (60)

des; 1 month ago

2012 the Christmas dinner was amazing!! <3

nellimatula 1 month ago

2018 cuz i got cash

meg 1 month ago

2005 because i got a My secret password journal and a polly pocket hotel!

nekai 1 month ago

2019 because it's the first year I started living alone ?

Vadjaina 1 month ago

Christmas is better with pets

haven 1 month ago

2006 when I got my xbox 360

Spenny 1 month ago

my favourite christmas was probably 2006 when my family was still always together :)

Regina 1 month ago

christmas of 2015 was my favourite christmas because that's when my family first met someone v special to me <3

KatieCheesecake 1 month ago

2016, my husband and I told our families we were expecting.

cookie 1 month ago

My favorite Christmas was in 2017. This was the first christmas I got to spend with my fiance! He was in the military and we were long distance for 3 years before that. He was finally home for good :)

Paddy 1 month ago

My favourite Christmas was, by far, in 2009. I spent all of it at the beach with my family and it was just so amazing!

Kechies 1 month ago

2018, recieved my driver license ;3

huh 1 month ago

My favorite Christmas was last year's actually! We actually got a real tree, and even though it was smaller since I've stopped talking to one side of my family, all the gifts were meaningful and I loved everyone I spent it with!

xStian 1 month ago

My best chirstmas was 2007, because I got my playstation 2 with Buzz Jungleparty. ahh good times

TrueReligions 1 month ago

Christmas 2012, the christmas before Habbo was tagged with gambling scandal. It was never the same

Fenn 1 month ago

Christmas of 2018 id say, my gram recently passed away and she won't be around this Christmas so cherish last years holiday season especially for her <3

Kelci 1 month ago

Christmas 2017 was the best year for me. I had family members round that I haven't seen for years, and my little godson arrived right on time <3

326 1 month ago

I think 2016 was my best Christmas as it was the last time all of my family was fully together, I hope something like that can happen again next year

rain 1 month ago

last year was great bcos my auntie visited on christmas eve and she brought lotsa homemade food uwu

meg 1 month ago

The comment field is required.

Kam 1 month ago

The best year so far was last year because I went to Arizona with my friends and partied and did gift exchanges and it was super fun

bogan 1 month ago

my favourite christmas was in 2007 when i got the high school musical concert dvd

Lili 1 month ago

Tbh, I don't generally celebrate Christmas but we have a tradition every year which we don't miss, where we go for a trip during Christmas and each one of them is very memorable!

Treven 1 month ago

My fav Christmas was back in 2007 when I was still a young child and still had my mum around. We would have a great family christmas dinner I miss her cooking :(

chibi 1 month ago

my fav christmas year was around 2010 when I used to get good shit because I was a spoiled cutie like duh all the grown-ups would be like OMG UR SO CUTE HERE'S FREE STUFF BABE!

soft 1 month ago

my favorite Christmas year was

Xemia 1 month ago

Way back 2014 when i have my whole family on christmas..

hossbrookshero 1 month ago

my fav Christmas time is always spending time with my family and enjoying christmas

schlock 1 month ago

my fav christmas was when i recieved a baby annabelle in 2008 and i ripped her skin off and fed it to the cat

devi 1 month ago

Ah yes, my favorite christmas year was back in 2010. I was hoping to get a beautiful webkinz seal and Santa knew how badly I wanted it. I opened the perfectly sized box was it the WEBKINZ SEAL? no it was trainer bras. Thats when I knew Santa didn't exist.

Hun 1 month ago

this year.. spending it with my partner in our first home together and rescue cat Winston <3

schlock 1 month ago

my fav christmas was when my dad left in 2010

asai 1 month ago

Best Christmas? Hmm... Maybe last year, because that's the only one I remember.

brooke 1 month ago

my favorite christmas was in 2017 when we surprised my sister with a puppy <3

risengrind 1 month ago

flaky flakes

Anxi3ty 1 month ago

2010 year when all the family came round!! <3 <3

schlock 1 month ago

i like feet

rat 1 month ago

fav xmas was like i dont know 2007 maybe, when I vomited all over the tree :)

JessieDays 1 month ago

My fav christmas was 2017 because it was the year we were all together.

daggerdick 1 month ago

My favourite Christmas were the ones I wasn't on boon with these virgins.

koi 1 month ago

my fav xmas was in 2004. i woke my parents up at 4:30am to open presents and when they told me it was too early and went back to sleep i went and opened every single gift under tree by myself, even gifts that weren't mine. <3

bunny 1 month ago

i from ukraine i make wagon i place kerosene tankard in barrel we go make molotov it riot axaxaxaxa

Panurtles. 1 month ago

My favorite Christmas year was Christmas 2013. I was in 5th grade and got almost everything i wanted and the whole family was in the Christmas spirit!!

edona 1 month ago

yer momMMM

syh 1 month ago

*pufferfish noises*

lil 1 month ago

obtuse rubber goose green moose guava juice. giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake

PlatinumPussy 1 month ago

i hope i get run over by a bus

Right 1 month ago

How does xxxtentacion get 3.9 billion streams this year but our soundcloud rapper p-doge only 500k?

DakotaMiller 1 month ago

2018 because I was with my best friend for Christmas

bio 1 month ago

yeehaw yeehaw yeehaw yeehaw

Verna 1 month ago

blat blatggagafadfasdfadfasdf

dmoss 1 month ago

10 character comment..

spliff 1 month ago


LingLingChang 1 month ago


bunny 1 month ago


rare 1 month ago


DrPulchritudinous 1 month ago

Here for the Flakes

rare 1 month ago


ohsnapXitsXhay 1 month ago

heeheheh merry christmas

Panurtles. 1 month ago

Blat Blat blat

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2012 the Christmas dinner was...

2018 cuz i got cash

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