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What's behind today's advent door?!

This year we'll be hosting a daily 'advent article' in which Habboon users will have the chance to contribute daily to earning 'advent points' which will be backlogged by us. We'll share the link to the leaderboard sheet in next week's article so that you can see who's leading up. The top 10 users at the end of the month will receive a Christmas jackpot, courtesy of Habboon's finest bachelors.

Behind the door of today's advent is a FREE Nordic Scarf, to ONE lucky user on Christmas Day! We'll be revisiting these 'Christmas Day' articles on Christmas Day to hand the prizes out. 

For a chance to win a free Nordic Scarf, simply comment you're best 2019 best memory of Habboon. Hanging out with friends? Competing in an event? Let us know. Only comments explaining their best memory will be viable!

If you have any questions regarding the article, feel free to join the Habboon discord (found in account settings/on the main page) and ask in the support channel for any assistance.

We'll be revealing the 'top 10' prizes over the next few weeks, some which are EXCLUSIVE to this article and won't be earned through any other methods. We look forward to spending Christmas with you!

Happy Holidays,

Habboon Management.

Comments (91)

xXStig 1 month ago

Nice 3-) Very funne thing in the christmas

sand 1 month ago

participating in an event and making friends. i didnt win but it was really fun

TrueReligions 1 month ago

Best memory has to be getting the discord and joining a bunch of other people's servers. Everyone either funny, chill, or both. Great community overall!

oliver 1 month ago

reading bitchcraft's comments on these articles

bio 1 month ago

Getting banned (getting unbanned was the worst)

DabTooka 1 month ago

Meeting new people everyday, everyone seems so cool

hell 1 month ago

Just meetin new people n making new memories. :P

fiend 1 month ago

My favourite memory of Habboon was watching user marty! intentionally get banned in order to avoid fighting Mr Pespidoge at UFC 202!

Hun 1 month ago

meeting some awesome people, but mostly ive had fun and don't rea;;u have a massive memory

Kelci 1 month ago

We’re allowed more than one memory right? Another one for me would be getting my first ever GOTW point. I was up against an events regular as well :)

toad 1 month ago

my best memory of habboon was coming back after a long break, which i do not regret whatsoever!

poodle 1 month ago

my best memory was when i met user brooke

Spenny 1 month ago

Id say my best 2019 boon memory would be starting getting into events and becoming a regular events host. I enjoy doing it and also playing the events.

Liquidity 1 month ago

my best memory was gambling all of thrones away just to come back on top 3 minutes later.

Munchkin 1 month ago

met some good people :)

Lisha 1 month ago

Best memory in boon when we had staff vs user football we had a great time playing with other users and finally staffs get to play too and finally shine. :D

CasinoFan 1 month ago

Meeting hateful & Dabtooka in game and them both treating me like family. Much love fellas

meg 1 month ago

meeting my babygirl indigo irl *heart eyes*

Blurpy 1 month ago

My best memory would be meeting new friends and having fun times.

Paddy 1 month ago

my best memory would be when the around the world maze was released. all of my effort had finally paid off!

chibi 1 month ago

A memory of friends; Argo, gaylord, organza (my firsts). Kev, cutie, Brooke, Kayleigh, Claudia, Fern (my loves). Dalt, Bussy, Mags, Jeen, Brent, Josey, Reg, Sarah, Cif, Joo, Janel (my beauts).

two 1 month ago

my favourite memory will be december 2020

auryn 1 month ago

daniel making a christmas badge of my DOG for 2018

Cymbal 1 month ago

collecting hippo set :D

tuna 1 month ago

Finally getting kim 2 use sh instead of 50 stack tiles & building cute rooms wif her <3

Brent 1 month ago

best memory was when custom clothing came out.

brooke 1 month ago

My favorite Boon memory of 2019 is when custom clothing came out!! The hotel was a mess but it was fun to experiment with the new items. I still miss the tank top w the big pregnancy belly.

libby 1 month ago

my favourite memory is definitely.... meeting all my cranky mates and especially the ones i've met recently <3 they da best!

Wired 1 month ago

my best memory is sitting on my favorite hotel for probably a cumulative 200+ hours just to win some pixel rares

Kechies 1 month ago

As a new player I felt welcome by all players especially in the casino / trading scene ;3. Shoutout to you guys ;3

cute 1 month ago

abusing the singaporean with pespidoge <3

horror 1 month ago

Probably doing the Scooby Doo or Super Mario World mazes, as they were enjoyable!

KatieCheesecake 1 month ago

I haven't been on here long but I have met some pretty amazing people and they make me want to come and play and hang out every day. It's a nice escape from my busy life

loved 1 month ago

seeing user haven for the first time

koi 1 month ago

meeting all my gfs <3

lewd 1 month ago

getting enough discord boosters for the fox set

Bussy 1 month ago

Becoming a moderator and being able to meet new people in new communities all while (trying) to help them!

xStian 1 month ago

Meeting my boys, Alex and Kazeshini on the Habboon discord and hanging out with them on the hotel while mastering their language, french (not joking lmao. oui oui! Je suis d'accord).

Andrei 1 month ago

Best moment is when I oop in boon with my friends

326 1 month ago

My best memory is super recent, about a week ago I decided to leave the community I've been apart of for the last 3 years and started talking to some of the nicest people in the Lodge. It's weird how easy it is to find such kind people on this game!

villain 1 month ago

Halloween at the Infobus, cool times.

ezekiel 1 month ago

started '19 with the nye lms, watched my friends try to win and one actually did, became a mod and helped the community, and being able to be w my friends and making new 1s as '19 goes by

Treven 1 month ago

The Halloween event where everyone gathered in the main lobby and dressed up as their Halloween costume and staff gave out prizes. That was enjoyable seeing everyone in their costumes :)

.BaBi. 1 month ago

invited my friends to play together huhu ^_^

desiree 1 month ago

doing quests/mazes with devi and eggyolk <3

tori 1 month ago

being sucked back in to logging on for 10+ hrs a day to get snowflakes

Britney 1 month ago

My best memory was the staff vs users football hosted by Georgios. What an era summer 2019 was!

Tarasque 1 month ago

Hosting Cozzie Changes!

rare 1 month ago

My best memory of 2019 was closing the pool last night until mitch came and rekt us all xd

mop 1 month ago

Definetly my favorite #Boon2019 moments were chilling with user Slumz, transforming his rooms with wired into all sorts of crazy things. Like for one instance from a Chill room, to a Gordon ramsey kitchen, to a chill room inside a chill room.

Kelci 1 month ago

My favourite #Boon2019 memory has got to be meeting so many fabulous people. I’ve met people I didn’t think would turn out to be my best friends

Fenn 1 month ago

My favorite 2019 boon memory is definitely all the fun quests/mazes that have come out this year that I could do with my friends. I even made some new ones when helping others out with the mazes/quests :)

des; 1 month ago

meeting a certain someone at the start of next year!! :) <3

June 1 month ago

Meeting someone special on April 10th 2019. God she wa sreally something. She completed my 2019.

Anxi3ty 1 month ago

hanging out with people & meeting a couple people off here irl!! <3 :)

nugs 1 month ago

my fav memory of 2019 was this morning when i took a massive shit

GayTrash 1 month ago

My best Memory of boon is probably just having made some new friends so far, specifically my friend Medusa. She's just amazing <3

asai 1 month ago

Awesome! My best memory from 2019 from Boon was, hmm... I'd say when I was making my ROTW#8 Room (Farm). I had so much fun brainstorming and then listening to podcasts while I was building it. Definitely one of my better projects ^^

Aperture 1 month ago

My best memory was reuniting with a friend from 2013. It feels like you'll never see your old friends again and BAM there they are! It's crazy to me how these websites/hotels can bring people close together.

des 1 month ago

my best memory of 2019 was when my pals surprised me w a bday room :")

aesthetic 1 month ago

Favourite memory? About 5 minutes ago when I seen the clickbaity title of "Free Nordic Scarf". Fair to say it was short lived.

elle 1 month ago

My favorite memory is when I am hanging out with my friends. Specially when we are sharing laughter and stories, creating bond and forming a new family through habboon. <3

Newest 1 month ago

Well, My favorite memories was back in 2013-14 when i was really young and roleplaying was the really funny part of the game, Different rooms , People. It was really enjoyable to visit clubs and roleplaying rooms <3

daggerdick 1 month ago

My favourite memory was when habboon was closed for 2 whole days. It allowed me to do something constructive with my futile existence.

-Giovanni 1 month ago

My favorite memories is when i met the best two people of my lives here.. hang out every single day and hop rooms and always go to events.. they are like family to me .. because i had a touch child hood .. feels nice

Jenyx 1 month ago

my best memories in this 2019 is dc from boon most of the time the time and also lagging ;'))) and got bashed by user Mamat :P

europts 1 month ago

Happy Holidays, wish you guys get what you want on xmas!

cowgirl 1 month ago

my best memory was when user bogan got banned for 10 years

BitchCraft 1 month ago

My favourite memory was stacking wired in a pervert's room who wanted e-sex and nudes, I tried to convince him Habboon had an earthquake. Eventually told him I was a feminist warrior. He got bitchcrafted.

Zid 1 month ago

my favourite memory was getting my very cool clothing items so I could stand out from the crowd!!!

tina 1 month ago

fav memory participating lms with my beloved friends <3 , me rushing down to my nearest shop to buy coffee but i ended up got caught in afk check instead :( screaming and playing earapes song to wake everyone up hehe ( srry i posted it on wrong acc )

Ronn 1 month ago

my best memory of habboon is the Filipino Event called "4th Pagtitipon" me and the other Peenoise Habboon Staff Organize That Event , I'm Happy to see all Filipinos in Habboon Attending That Event, That's My 2019 best memory of habboon

Distressed 1 month ago

best memories have to be the events, and going to public rooms which eventually leads to meeting new people and making friends which i love doing

Eurus03 1 month ago

Well, my favorite memory would be the time I made my account here. I was really surprised with the things we have here and it made my stay very fun!

Craz786 1 month ago

We had so much fun together and we loved to joke around. Special shout out to my fellow friends, _Phantom_, and Pix. They both are my pillars that make me the best man that I am today. Without them, I am completely useless

lil 1 month ago

hi santa... hope u are keeping warm..... my favorite habboon memory is getting the ENTIRE welcome room to join a skribblio match and winning 3/3 games .. consider being the one to make me the happiest girl this year ty xo

katie 1 month ago

my favourite memory is winning the extreme SR on jade-joana's rainbow maze. that took soooo long and there were so many people competing for it :)

syh 1 month ago

Favourite memory? About 5 minutes ago when I seen the clickbaity title of "Free Nordic Scarf". Fair to say it was short lived.

oliver 1 month ago

My fav memory is gonna have to be when that dumbarse cunt Steve got fired wot a fucking mong he was

Lili 1 month ago

Hmm, building with user Zaccheus and HallelujUGH has been one of my favorite memories from Boon all in all. Love you guys!!

lily 1 month ago

making atwm with my gfs uwu

chinese 1 month ago

my best memory is participating lms with my friends i rlly cherish! they are jake, desiree, zeek, millie and regina <3. i dont regret those days as we'd disc call and spam each other when thrs afk check hehe <333

DabTooka 1 month ago

Hanging out with loads of people ive met in different rooms :)! Don't really focus on the whole values piece but to each its own!

josey 1 month ago

my favorite memory is when i met user koi

TrueReligions 1 month ago

Fondest memory is creating a grabber for the community that allows new users to win jackpots with high payouts.

alex 1 month ago

now im 4th wtf pfff sigh

pops 1 month ago

Best moment was probably when user norbie quit boon LMAO

alex 1 month ago


TesoMayn 1 month ago

My favorite memory is creating Sadmore

alex 1 month ago

first XD XD XD XD

Etx 1 month ago

You are the best

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