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Welcome back to Last Man Standing!

As we come to the end of 2019, we want to end the decade on a high note and prepare for 2020 to be a great year for Habboon. What better way to do this than another LMS? Thanks to the LMS, we'll get to give away prizes, host games and communicate with users to close 2019 and prepare for the start of 2020. Make sure to attend, or even drop by if you don't wish to play, and join in with all the fun. At Habboon, we don't just give people gifts during Christmas. 

Lots of prizes, events, and competitions are planned alongside the LMS and a chance to win snowflakes for all users involved. This will benefit all users within the new year and allow for a huge 2020 on Habboon.

What is Last Man Standing?

I'm glad you asked. Last Man Standing, also known as LMS, is a challenge bestowed upon the strongest and most dedicated Habboon users. Users who enter will easily become the most popular and richest user in the hotel and never have a problem finding a side piece ever again. It's the perfect way to dominate Habboon like nobody else.

During the start times (found below) users will have 30 minutes to arrive and enter the Last Man Standing arena. The event will be alerted 30 minutes before start too, to give warning, and allow users to gather in the room ready to enter. Once the 30-minute grace time is over, it will be a challenge of who remains last. There will be regular checks (the time between checks will be stated) to see if users have gone AFK, fallen asleep or died. Failing the AFK check will result in removal from the arena.

During the LMS challenge, there will be games hosted by the LMS' hosts (quizzes, events, and more) which will give players a chance to bag prizes through-out the LMS, excluding the end-game jackpot. 

When does the LMS start?

The LMS challenges will be allocated to our three major time-zones: United Kingdom (GMT), United States (EST) and Australia (AUS). The start times for each time-zone are the following:

Click the time zone to see what time it begins in your time zone or check the spreadsheet.

What prizes do the winners get?

The prizes will be a huge jackpot of rares, exclusive clothing, currencies and more. We'll update a live-time spreadsheet with prizes as the time goes on. The longer the LMS goes, the larger the jackpot grows. For more information, and the sheet, visit the following link:


Any more details?

Yes, actually. You can expect tonnes of snowflake methods and prizes to be given away to ALL players present! With things such as:

  • Pinatas (rares and snowflakes)
  • Games and events for all players, inside and outside.
  • Rare giveaways
  • Badges to be won
  • Room-exclusive snowflake gain (multiplier)
  • ... and lots more secrets!

Truly celebrate an awesome year of Habboon with us and have yourself a blast of a time.

- Habboon Management

Comments (21)

326 3 weeks ago

Best of luck everyone, you've got this! Don't push yourself, if you know you're not going to make it to the end, get some sleep, you'll thank yourself later x

teresa 3 weeks ago

is it 9pm est?

Kelci 4 weeks ago

Good luck everyone, down that coffee and those energy drinks xox

pespidoge 4 weeks ago

PM.* Click the times and they'll automatically translate over.

floodlights 4 weeks ago

It starts at 9:00 AM for those of you using EST

AAAA!!!AAS1S111 4 weeks ago

fuck this, I got a 4th place after 40 hours, it's a bloody scam

Clovds 4 weeks ago

Good luck everyone :D

Blurpy 4 weeks ago

Goodluck to all who will participate this time.

notky 4 weeks ago

i just want to win sum rares man

Paddy 4 weeks ago

@meg - that's 5am GMT - that'll be 4pm in sydney, 3pm in brisbane, 1pm in perth, etc

meg 4 weeks ago

5am my asshole

iu 4 weeks ago

Excited for this one too!!!

Michaela 4 weeks ago

justice for mich xmas LMS USA 2k19

poodle 4 weeks ago

hey any winners wanna give me an oversized scarf x

Jus 4 weeks ago

Woo!! Can't wait!

6Dog 4 weeks ago

Let's go! I can't wait to compete!

nev 4 weeks ago

Good luck to everyone who'll participate in it. And like user sarahney said; Make sure you're well rested. :)

Anxi3ty 4 weeks ago

came 5th in the UK LMS yesterday!! i'm ready for this 1!! i'll be more prepared :P gl to everyone who participates <3

Nevel 4 weeks ago

This sounds like it will be a very fun LMS. Let's just hope that luck is on my side this time.. `:D

sarahney 4 weeks ago

Here we go again booners !! Make sure you're well rested

vegans 4 weeks ago

Hopefully i'm more prepared this time! xoxo

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Best of luck everyone, you've...

is it 9pm est?

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