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Hello Habbooners!

We had a very successful awards show with an amazing turnout! Whenever you see one of these staff members: cuddle, linds, peach, amy & tonta, say thanks for working so hard this past month on making this a memorable 2020 Habboon Awards.

We also want to thank all of you for taking the time to vote and campaign for the nominees. This wouldn’t have happened without you!

Now as promised, here are the results from the final round that was announced at the awards, for those of you who weren't able to attend (the boldest user is the winners):

Most Popular User

Regina, punk, tranny

Most Helpful User

erm (previously user libby), mop, hossbrookshero

Most Annoying User

Tranny, devil (previously user harm), Brent

Cutest Couple

Two & desiree, kiligs & bogan, lord & lewd

Best Username

Sheep, virgin, cute

Nicest User

Desiree, claudia, and Kev

Funniest User

Jonny, leonardo, and loona

Best Events Player

Michaela, desiree, and punk

Cutest Male User

Daniel, cute, and poodle

Cutest Female User

Desiree, cutie, and bad

Best Roleplayer

Liam, Elizabeth, and GracefulGhosts

Best Agency

CIA, [SWRP] Star Wars RP, and [WH] White House

Most Likely To Get Hired

Libby, desiree,and Regina

Most Likely To Get Banned

Leonardo, angela, and tranny

Best Room Builder

ValentineMarie, kiligs, and cormac

Best Casino Builder

Jonny, mop, and syh

Best Maze Maker

Ryan, autumn, and vegans

Best Dressed User

Vegans, devi,and zid

Worst Dresser User

Mop, A, and lost

Most Active User

O, punk, and Regina

Most Likely To Be A Catfish

Sakura, straight, and tranny

Best Male Duo

Two & lost, adison & daniel, isometric & ezekiel

Best Female Duo

Angela & tori, desiree & devi, desiree & claudia

Best Events Host

Spenny, libby, and punk

Most Dramatic User

Bye, tranny, and des

Biggest Flirt

Licc, cute, and regina

Biggest Gossiper

Fiend, claudia, and tranny

Biggest Boon Spirit

Hossbrookshero, jerrymouse, and kev

Best Ex-Staff

Desiree, rain, and annabelle

Worst Ex-Staff

Canadian, annabelle, and bren

Worst Events Player

Edona, oliver, and kiligs

Best Article Player

Kiligs, punk, and regina

Biggest Troll

Mulletlovinhomo, tranny, and leonardo

Most Likely To Be Reported

Tranny, leonardo, and rare

Most Likely To Win LMS

Zid, O, and Regina

Most Likely To Vote Themself

Bogan, cutie, and mop

Mr. Habboon

Lord, mop, kev

Ms. Habboon

Regina, lewd, and punk

Most Helpful Staff Member

Pespidoge, bussy, and linds

Funniest Staff Member

Pespidoge, bussy, and two

Nicest Staff Member

Amy, bussy, linds

Best Dressed Staff Member

Linds, peach, and pespidoge

Worst Dressed Staff Member

Tom, two, and pespidoge

Most Likely To Get Fired

Two, mitch, and pespidoge

Most Likely To Leak Staff Chat

Two, pespidoge, and mitch

Best Room Builder

paddy, linds, and pespidoge

Best GFX Designer

linds, iu, and pespidoge

Best Events Host

Eggyolk, bussy, and pespidoge

Meanest Staff Member

two, pespidoge, and ash

Sexiest Male Staff

bussy, pespidoge, and ash

Sexiest Female Staff

Cotton, linds, amy

Most Likely To Be A Catfish

pespidoge, iu, mitch 

Most Likely To Be AFK

Sledmore, pespidoge, p

Most Annoying Staff Member

two, mitch,and p

Easiest To Approach Staff Member

bussy, pespidoge, sarahney

Hardest To Approach Staff Member

sledmore, pespidoge, and two

Biggest Flirt

Two, amy, and mitch

Most Active Staff Member

Pespidoge, bussy, and paddy

Most Outgoing Staff Member

bussy, pespidoge, amy

Shyest Staff Member

iu, lily, and cotton

Most Awkward Staff Member

iu, two, sarahney

Sassiest Staff Member

amy, bussy, linds

Most Likely To Quit In 2020

two, p, pespidoge

Best Events Supervisor

bussy, elisa, cotton

Worst Events Supervisor

two, pespidoge, bobby

Bitchiest Staff Member

Pespidoge, peach, two

Most Likely To Game All Night

pespidoge, p, mitch

Most Likely To Win In A Fight

Ash, bussy, pespidoge

Most Likely To Lose In A Fight

two, iu, pespidoge

Biggest Troll

pespidoge, two, ash

Best Female Duo

linds & amy, eggyolk & sarahney, cuddle & peach

Best Male Duo

paddy & bussy, pespidoge & ash, pespidoge & sledmore

Best Article Host

linds, eggyolk, paddy

Most Talented Staff Member

linds, pespidoge, bussy

Most Likely To Vote Themself

two, pespidoge, mitch

King Of Habboon

Sledmore, bussy, pespidoge

Queen Of Habboon

linds, eggyolk, cuddle

Since we weren’t able to give badges quickly (also the amount of people in the room causing it to be laggy) or trophies, do be patient

They are on the way!

A staff member will HA at random times for winners to follow them to receive their prizes or will follow the winners themselves.

If you haven’t gotten them within the next week, then you can message the discord linds at lindsay#0001 or cuddle at cuddle#2222.

- Habboon Staff

Comments (11)

two 8 months ago

A great 7 victories

Regina 8 months ago


jan 8 months ago

bussy and tranny sweeped period

326 8 months ago

Well done to everyone who got an award!! The room was lovely so props to whoever made it too <3 x

Bussy$15980 8 months ago

Thank you all so much and congratulations to all the winners!!! thank you for bringing light to 2019 I hope I can continue to brighten your 2020s!

iu 8 months ago

Congratulations to everyone!!!

Jacqueline.. 8 months ago

Congratulations to all of the winners out there <3 And thanks to the staff for organizing this event. It was spectacular.

faedabarb 8 months ago

i didnt know how to vote

ha 8 months ago

vote me for owner next year

lily 8 months ago

love cuddle and linds

cuddle 8 months ago

Thank you all for coming and we hope to see you again next year :)

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A great 7 victories


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