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Last week, you were asked to raise your cameras and show off your photography skillset. After quite a few entries on the article, I finally got through them all and decided on the five photos that were my favourite that captured a few elements that I was looking for.

If you'd like an artistic explanation for why they were chosen, feel free to contact me - as people will always be upset when they don't win. But that's fine. Pick yourself up and start again. 

There'll be more photo competitions in the future, but for now, the following five were the winners of this competition:






Congratulations to all the winning entries! You'll be contacted on the hotel when your prize is ready for you.



Comments (10)

jan 7 months ago

we want rat suit

sarahney 7 months ago

Well done everyone!

Caitey 7 months ago

Congrats to all!

meg 7 months ago

cool nice groovy

326 7 months ago

Some very swanky photos, nice job team!!

Akatsuki 7 months ago

Poker good luck

brayden 7 months ago

gg all entrants

Blurpy 7 months ago

congrats guys !

slipknot 7 months ago


Wired 7 months ago

rigged mine clearly was better

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we want rat suit

Well done everyone!

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