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Hey all,

I hope you're having a great weekend so far! I have a few staff updates to bring to you in this brief article.

Staff Changes

Unfortunately, we have said goodbye to the following staff members:

  • elisa
  • eggyolk
  • sarahney
  • Bussy
  • Paddy
  • Mitch

We would like to thank them for all their time at Habboon and wish them the best of luck for the future.

Staff Applications are Open!

Just a reminder that, for now, staff applications remain open! If you want to join our team of staff, feel free to apply here. We will be reviewing applications in the coming weeks.

Any questions, suggestions or general feedback?

If you want to bring anything to the management team at Habboon you're more than welcome to send a Discord PM to either myself (TomW#7954) or cuddle (cuddle#2222), or just find us around the hotel! We're always keen to hear user's suggestions for improving Habboon.

That's all from me! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you around the hotel.

-- Tom

Comments (18)

Dallz 8 months ago

I leave for a week and shit goes down!

meg 8 months ago

still shook

Akatsuki 8 months ago

The helpful staff get fired, ironic

Chelsea. 8 months ago

at least now the ROTW judging won't be biased as fuck c:

glamarous 8 months ago

:(( this is very rip indeed

Deadt 8 months ago

damn bye elisa

O 8 months ago

u telling me these people get fired and user p doesnt? LOL what a joke

ezekiel 8 months ago

damn i guess tom is the only one left in our batch :(( job well done lads

mac 8 months ago

eggyolk and sarahney and bussy andddd paddy and elisa omg what do i say, i will miss u all my fave staff! hopy you all stay <3

sarahney 8 months ago

can i just say a massive thank u to staff and users for putting up with me for so long. it was a pleasure. love u all. time to win some gotw !!!

kiss 8 months ago

who's the thanos in this situation!?

girl 8 months ago

well this is awkward

meg 8 months ago

yikes rip everyone

jan 8 months ago


MichaelPorters 8 months ago

Rip people.

devi 8 months ago

Tom, I'm very disappointed in you. You've broken my heart with this announcement. Please see me after class, we have a LOT to discuss. I can't believe you've done this kid.

Maxwell 8 months ago

:(( we dont stan

326 8 months ago

This ain't it chief :(

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I leave for a week and shit go...

still shook

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