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( A big thanks to linds, png & lily for these lovely graphics! )

Welcome to Boon Adventures with your host, linds, and iu!

This is a monthly article based on various event-related games, including but not limited to: 

mazeswired gamesboard gamesmind gamesescape roomscompetitions

Some of these games are designed to test your wit, your patience, and your problem-solving skills, where others are competitive and fun for everyone! 

On the 1st of every month (unless otherwise), a new game or event will be up for you lucky Booners to participate in to challenge yourselves and win some nifty things! Keep on reading to see what March has in store!

Mystery Mall Maze

Your items have been snatched without you noticing! There’s no one to call help from aside from yourself. Go around the Habboon Mall and ask for other people’s help if they’ve seen anything suspicious going on! The thief can’t be far so do your best, investigate and find your stolen items.

Opening on March 20th.

Search up [HM] Entrance or room owner: iu  

Upon discovery of the unknown thief, pay attention to the people that you meet around the mall and see if you will recognize this unwanted thief! Winners could be entered in a raffle to win an exclusive badge!


Power Outage

The Habboon Mall has been closed for a few days now because of an unknown power interruption! Help the mechanics and engineers to restore the electricity back to the mall and gain a special badge!

Opening on March 16th.

Search [HM] Entrance or room owner: iu

Ask inside the Habboon Mall for the Technical Facilities Area.

Supermarket Keeper

You’ve been trusted by the owners of the Habboon Supermarket to keep a close eye for the night since the thief incident. As an expert working for a night shift, you are tasked to do a variety of things for the evening for a limited time only. Can you do it? If you accept the task, come and enter your shift by going entering the Habboon Mall Supermarket.

Opening on March 10th

Search [HM] Entrance or room owner: iu

Ask inside the Habboon Mall for the Habboon Supermarket


This month, we’ve also prepared a special event room and will be distributing badges whenever you win a game! Feel free to collect all the badges which are exclusive for this month only!

Special Thanks!

We have recently re-added the Boon Builder’s team with new members that we’d like to thank and show off to all of Habboon.

Builders: devi, fiona (guava), autumn, cormac, sophie (cupcake), thelma (cookie), caitey, holly (schlock), ashley (mitski), and hakim (sunat).

Badge Makers: cee, millie (mil), clay (fugitive), and ellie (elliejones).

GFX Designers: justin (jus).

Staff Helpers: lily, karen (cuddle) & mitch


If you experience any maze game issues, feel free to contact one of our articles hosts in-game or via Discord.

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326 7 months ago

It sucks that the Supermarket Keeper room is super buggy and can't be finished :( Can't wait for the rest of the month

meg 7 months ago

the supermarket keeper is broken, the switch in the first room doesnt work

cotton 7 months ago

we all love linds and iu!!!

meg 7 months ago

nice cool groovy

kiss 7 months ago


iu 7 months ago


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It sucks that the Supermarket...

the supermarket keeper is brok...

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