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Since March has been one of the most hectic months for everybody all over the globe, so we’ve decided to put luck and eggs together for one mashup of mixed events! 

During the month of April, there will be St. Patrick’s Day along with Easter events to enjoy. 

pub crawl relay race

hosted game

The Boon Builder’s team have come together to make a relay race for users to race to their heart's content to win a badge, GOTW points and perhaps other prizes.

This will be hosted throughout the month so keep a lookout!

lucky charms luck hunt

Help Lucky find all of his lucky charms throughout the hotel by going to various public rooms and winning some in events!

Starting on April 3rd.

Once you have all of the 8 badges roaming the hotel, you can click here to submit an imgur link proving it to get the Lucky the Leprechaun badge!


hosted game

The mystery of Lucky Charms Luck Hunt is not over yet! 

You’ve found the charms, but it’s time to figure out who stole them, where they stole them from, and at what time

In this twist of the original Cluedo/Clue board game we are brought to Cereal Mascot Manor to help Lucky investigate! 

This will be hosted by a staff member throughout the month!

easter egg hunt

Go through the easter themed rooms to find the eggs all around. Click the right egg and you will move along to the next room but some might trick you so keep your eyes open! Keep in mind, some rooms might have games to play.

Search “linds” for the room [EH] Entrance. Opening on April 3rd.

egg painting

1 player auto-game

Mrs. Easter Bunny needs your help getting the Easter Bunny's eggs ready for Easter! 

Hop on over to their home and help them out in this fun little minigame! Using the color coded switches in the room, dip your eggs to combine colors and answer Mrs. Easter Bunny's color trivia.

Search “cookie” for the room [BA] Easter Egg Painting which will be open on April 3rd.

hi-ho easter-egg-o!

hosted game

Hi-Ho Cherry-O is a put and take board game in which four players spin a spinner in an attempt to collect all the cherries from the tree into your own colour coded basket before your opponents do. 

In this Easter edition, we are collecting easter eggs! Collect all 10 of the easter eggs in your section into your basket before your opponents do and win!

bunny race

hosted game

Get ready, get set, GO! 

In this fun easter themed race, you will race against your opponents by typing 'A', 'X', 'Y', or 'B' as they appear at your station to move your bunny cars. The first to the traffic cone and back to the finish line wins! 

REMEMBER! Slow and steady wins the race!

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kiss 6 months ago

yes u go glen cookie! <3

Anonymous 6 months ago

Cookie's rooms are the cutest in the Easter Maze, by far. Thank you user Cookie for the hard work!

kiss 6 months ago

shoutout to mod cookie with the cute ASF rooms!

linds 6 months ago


meg 6 months ago

very groovy

asphodels 6 months ago

The badges are so cute!! ;-; I can't waiiiiit

326 6 months ago

I'm so excited for this month's events!

doll 6 months ago


slipknot 6 months ago

happy hanukkah

ab 6 months ago

omg EPIC stuff !

brad 6 months ago


hus 6 months ago

happy halloween

8eight 6 months ago

merry christmas

Riz 6 months ago

Oof best events ever :D

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yes u go glen cookie! <3

Cookie's rooms are the cutest...

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