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Hello Habboon!

We hope you're keeping sane and well-entertained during these dull times. To keep things spicy while you find things to do, we're deciding to finally begin releasing the long-awaited Totem Set! 

Instead of doing the usual weekly release for rares, it's best that we find ways to make this rare set something community-related so that everyone has a fair share to earn their parts and will help encourage trade, searching and betting.

There's a few phases in releasing multiple parts of the totem sets over the next few weeks, which you'll find out each Friday. The first method of release will be the Totem Planet, which is placed on top of the set and has 3 states (Moon, Sun and Earth)! This will be released to all #1 placements in articles (OOTW, ROTW, BOTW and GOTW). There will be future chances to win this, but this is the first method.

The Totem Head and Totem Body will be next on the release list - which will be revealed on Friday. All release methods will be community-based, rather than economy based, so that all users have a fair chance at earning some parts of these neat Totem sets. Maybe even encourage you to save up and buy the other parts for your set.

Stay Frosty, 

Habboon Management.

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Mangelica 6 months ago

Totems, lol Yeah, When will there be items in the VIP catalogues?

okay 6 months ago

i've no idea what any of this means

Riz 6 months ago


Doc 6 months ago

you guys gonna bring the vip catalog ? it says it when you buy the vip in what you get when you buy the vip?

meg 6 months ago

nice cool groovy

Outspace 6 months ago

Yooo.. not gonna lie the picture ontop of the post looks like Saitama.

326 6 months ago

Can't wait, thanks pespidoge!

cuddle 6 months ago

Excellent grammar.

kiss 6 months ago

wow awesome thanks lol

pudrete 6 months ago

very cool, very swag

street 6 months ago

this is some epic sauce

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Totems, lol Yeah, When will t...

i've no idea what any of this...

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