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Welcome to WTFriday!

A brand new edition of WTFriday brought to you by Amy and iu!

But... what is WTFriday?

Well, I'm glad you asked. WTFriday is an article where you, or any user, can learn more about the staff members here at Habboon. You can enter in ANY question you want to know about them (that's right... ANY question) with the chance of it being published in a WTFriday article and winning a super cool badge! Of course, the questions must be clean and appropriate, however.

You are able to ask two different types of questions. The first being a personal question and the second being a group question.


What is the difference between a 'Personal' and 'Group' question?

I'm glad you asked! A personal question is one that is directly aimed at a specific staff member. Only they will answer this question for you. Whereas a group question is asked to the entire staff team and anyone who responds on the staff team will be published, no matter how crazy. Remember, it is important to ask those personal questions also!


What happens if my question is picked?

If you get chosen, your question will be featured (and answered) in our weekly article and you will also receive the WTFriday exclusive badge which you can see below!

chibi asks: Hey doll! since you're lucky to have such a cute username, which doll line/brand did you grew up playing with?


i had both bratz and barbies but i loved bratz the most!! i preferred their design a lot more & looking back on it now, bratz were rly diverse in terms of fashion & representation compared to other doll brands! my fave bratz was jade : )



326 asks: Casserole or hot pot?



Hot pot




noob asks: Which fantasy world would you like to live in - and why?

Sledmore: One without pespidoge in it.

lily: would love a pet totoro

Amy: Pokemon cos i’m a bit obsessed

peach:  My island on animal crossing bc I love all my islanders


tonta: id love to live in the vampire diaries land of mystic falls, idk seems fun to be a vampire!!!

iu: Harry Potter or the Avatar’s


P: Runescape cos its runescape


Bot: i don't have a fantasy world but living in the world where The 100 takes place would be sick


Doll:maybe winnie the pooh if that counts as a fantasy world? they just vibe all day everyday, i would love to be that carefree!


huh:Probably the Grishaverse! It'd be so awesome to be an Inferni and to be able to summon fire, or a Heartrender and stealing air from the lungs of people who've wronged me!

brad: Harry Potter any day, who wouldn't? The spells... the food.... the butter beer.... the castle..... 

Bird: animal crossing.... no bills no responsibilities just me on my island

cookie:  I'd LOVE to live in the Harry Potter world. I'm still sad I didn't get my acceptance letter to Hogwarts :(

Dhrufi asks: What is your biggest pet peeve?


Sledmore: Pespidoge being alive.

cuddle: I'm not a big fan of people who don't practice what they preach. Bit two faced IMO!


lily: chewing loudly, walking slowly, people making a mess and don't clean up...

Amy: Nail biting!! Can’t stand the sound of it

peach: People chewing loudly/with their mouth open

tonta: God I have so many but either people talking over you/interrupting you OR people who are constantly negative !


iu: annoying crying babies and kids on the neighborhood


P: Dhurfi

Bot: when people get in my way. MOVE

Doll:i have a lot of pet peeves but the biggest one is probably having people talk over/interrupt me! happens all the time : (


huh: PDA. It's awkward and uncomfortable for everyone but the people involved. I get it, you're in love, but I don't need you to prove it to me!

brad: People who eat with their mouth open, or people who read a text and dont reply...... ANNOYING

Bird: people who are habitually late and refuse to acknowledge it

cookie:   Loud chewing and people breathing directly into microphones


Kelci asks:Out of all event games, which is your favourite?

Sledmore: Any that Pespidoge doesn't play, other than that Falling Furni, duh.


cuddle: umm Heaven/Hell bc I'm terrible at every other game


lily: spelling bee probably

Amy: I like general knowledge races.. But only when it suits me


tonta: my favourite will always be spelling bee cos I am an SB queen. If I was a user rn none of u would stand a chance sorry


iu:  trivia bc we like to use brainz

two: Snake run cos im a snake.

P: Non

Bot: silent stab because I get to see "friends" secretly snake on each other (SHHH)

Doll: shout it out is my favourite but i’m best at fastest typer!


huh: It's hard to choose, since I'm so indifferent to them all but I guess I'd have to say Melting Carpets or Dictionary because I'm best at those.

brad: I'm not good at MOST events, I do like fireball/melting carpets/telephrase though

Bird: Heaven or Hell cuz im bad at games... also fireball

cookie: Out of the mixed events, I like fastest typer or telephrase the most because it's the only one I stand a chance in.





What we want from you is a question that gets our little staff brains moving!

Ask us something you want to know about us or a ‘would you rather...’, anything that is clean and appropriate goes! If you want your question chosen we suggest you are original and ask something out there!



That is it for this week, folks! Thank you for reading this week’s edition and thank you to those who submitted questions. Remember, you can submit your own question by clicking the submit button below. Be sure to check back next month for a new edition of WTFriday!

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iu#4599 & amy#1095

You may approach us upon release of the article for your badges.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on discord!

iu#4599 & amy#1095


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WHAT THE F(UNK) these are some pretty cool questions and answers!

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