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Welcome to Room Of The Week!

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Room of the Week or commonly known as ROTW, is a weekly article contest where you get to create a room based on what the theme of the week is. It’s an exciting way to show off your talented building skills as well as win a variety of prizes (which will be announced next week).

Thanks to all those who have submitted their rooms!


As usual, they continuously amaze us and show us that many people are extremely creative, imaginative and able to create magnificent rooms just from the furniture in the catalogue. It makes it fun and interesting to judge!


Last week, we gave you the theme: BEACH HOUSE!

Without further ado, here are the winners in order from first to third place, with honourable mentions following:


Fancy Modern Beach House

Modern Beach House

San Francisco Beach House


Honourable Mentions

White Modern Beach House


Tropical Beach House



Beach House Interior


Congratulations to the winners of this week’s challenge!

Please seek out Bot or huh for the prizes on client.

A new week, a new theme! A fresh new canvas to motivate you to build!


This week’s theme is . . .


Regardless of what our personal beliefs are, the afterlife means something different to everyone. Whether it’s entering pearly gates and being judged on your sins or being passed onto the next life in a cycle of reincarnation or simply believing in ghosts, you’re free to represent death as you see fit. Some may even have their own theories on what happens when we resign our Earthly career and are forced to continue into the beyond. Instead of theorizing or allowing spiritual beliefs to remain intangible, it’s time to make your version of the afterlife physical. And as always, good luck Habbooners, and don't forget to wear not only your safety helmets!

Click here for more insight on the rules, which is highly recommended for new submitters!

For a
brief description of the rules, look below:


The name of the room has to be [ROTW #_] Theme.

Make sure you have a screenshot of your room that is good quality uploaded on IMGUR.

We don’t allow the use of the following: room ads or blatantly copying rooms that already exist.

Please do not delete the room after submitting it.

If you have placed (meaning placing first, second or third) one week, the week after you cannot place at all.

FIRST: Featured in Staff Picks on the Navigator, gold badge, finalist trophy, 75,000 credits and 300 diamonds.

SECOND: Silver badge, 50,000 credits and 250 diamonds.

THIRD: Bronze badge, 50,000 credits and 200 diamonds.


All entries must be submitted by JULY 22ND, 11:59 A.M MST.
Results are released shortly after the submissions are closed or as soon as possible.

That's all for this week!

Congratulations to everyone who participated - you make ROTW what it is.

Good luck, have fun building and see you next week!

Feel free to contact us on discord for future themes and suggestions!
Adrian#3426 and huh#2675

yours truly,

Bot and huh

Comments (31)

GiovanniDelgado 2 months ago

Jacqueline talking about my shit was an castle unlike your ass cant build will see who win this time idiot?

Wednesday 2 months ago

Best of luck everyone!! :D

devi 2 months ago

think u all are soooooooooo sexyyyy in the comments ahahaaaa ur soooooooooooooooooo sexyy

meg 2 months ago

"taking it seriously" its a hobby, just like cod or any other online game.... LOL its just feedback and debate between participants. No ones taking this week THAT serious.... it has improved since reformation

bored 2 months ago

Jacqueline.. I love your build :) but not your attitude :(

dylan 2 months ago

Good luck to everybody!

rain 2 months ago

think y'all needa stop taking an online article seriously

Wednesday 2 months ago

Sorry Jacqueline, didn't want to be so brutally honest but all this negativity towards one another has got to stop. The pot calling the kettle black springs to mind when reading these comments. Some, borderline embarrassing.

meg 2 months ago

agree with jade, the only beachy component is the tiny window view

Jacqueline.. 2 months ago

"Generic" build. Guys you're breaking my heart here lol.

Wednesday 2 months ago

I was wondering how long it'd take for the Pastebin Police to appear :') I do think Jacq's build is a generic interior, so would personally just be happy with the mention!

Invidia 2 months ago

Man I love these builds, well done to the winners! (ps: jesse SNAPPED)

meg 2 months ago

was just pointing out a feature of the room was copied, didnt say the whole thing needed to be disqualified. thats a bit of an overreaction lol

huh 2 months ago

https://pastebin.com/Saa23yCR - Please... I can't handle any more pastebins :(

Jacqueline.. 2 months ago

I don't know what past incident you're referring to. I never said that someone's build was bad. But I know you came to me personally and said to me that I got robbed from this competition, but now you're here saying I complain when I don't get my way.

kiligs 2 months ago

im referring to past incidents as well as current comments from user Chelsea.. which i thought i made clear in the pastebin, apologies. LOL have u ever heard of an alt xP

Jacqueline.. 2 months ago

Was any of what I said relatable to the definition? Like I didn't say anything bad about the builds so idk what you're on about. Also, I hope you didn't make an account just to comment. That's a bit much.

:-P 2 months ago

Slander - make false and damaging statements about (someone). Was any of what I said in my paste bin relatable to the definition above?

Jacqueline.. 2 months ago

@kiligs, aren't you kind of contradicting yourself by saying that I slander others builders but then you talk bad about my build?

kiligs 2 months ago

>>>___https://pastebin.com/BBhh52hv ___<<<

Chelsea.. 2 months ago

After what meg just pointed out with 2nd place being copied from google, i vote that 2nd be disqualified, and a rejudge take place on the rooms.

huh 2 months ago

Hey, thanks to everyone who pointed out my mistake with linking the proper room, it should be fixed now! x

meg 2 months ago

OK.... BUT you realise Honourable Mention #1 is a EGYPTIAN PYRAMID not a sandcastle or something relevant to the theme. 1st Place is S T U N N I N G - 2nd place copied the jeep from google

Wednesday 2 months ago

I think 1st, 2nd & 3rd are all well placed/deserved. I do really like Minnie's build though too!

Jacqueline.. 2 months ago

"White Modern Beach House". Come on judges, that's clearly a pyramid. ROTW is broken.

Chelsea.. 2 months ago

Jacqueline.. was completely robbed. She deserved way better than an honourable mention.

Wednesday 2 months ago

WELL DONE ALL!!! Secretly glad I didn't finish my Beach House in time because... AFTERLIFE FUCK YEAH!

kiss 2 months ago

Love these entries, i'd do the same Maggie! I don't like sand in my toes.

GayLord 2 months ago

Congraaaats these look amazing!! Also the next theme oof

punk 2 months ago

damn. these are so good. i hate the beach but i'd live in these houses.

katie 2 months ago

woo congrats winners

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Jacqueline talking about my sh...

Best of luck everyone!! :D

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