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Hey all,

I hope everyone's week has been amazing and that you're excited for the weekend! I have a few changes to announce to you in this article so strap in and let's go.

Staff Changes

Unfortunately, the following people are no longer moderators of Habboon:

  • Kaye.
  • iu
  • ky

I'd like to thank them for their time and wish them the best of luck for the future.

Now, a huge congratulations to the following people for starting their trials as moderators:

  • hus
  • port
  • Perhapz
  • Clyp

I wish you the best of luck in your trials - welcome to the team!

Finally, a huge welcome back to annabelle who has rejoined the team as a Moderator!

Staff Applications Closed

Thank you to all 300+ people who applied - it took a lot to read your applications and many of them were great, making it a difficult pick. If we need to take some new staff on board in the near future, we will refer back to these applications. Though, for now, staff applications are closed.

GOTW Changes

There have been a few changes to GOTW which will be in effect as of Sunday 9th August. Please really read these changes and understand them.

  • Hosts will receive 1 GOTW point for 30+ minutes of good hosting.
  • Hosts have the opportunity to receive a second GOTW point by giving out 3+ rares in their event.
  • Staff supervisors can now authorise the host to give a 1-hour room ban for consistent disruption. This remains at the discretion of the supervisor and must not be given out otherwise.
  • The use of last to, first to, and anything in that category is now banned. It is up to the host to remind users of this at the start of their event. Should you attempt to do an "X to Y", you will be pulled from the event and warned. Continuing to do this will result in disqualification from the GOTW article for that week.

These changes are simple and should be easy to grasp. Please make sure you adhere to the rules at all times! Also, don't try and be smart and get around the rules by saying it doesn't say something specific. If you're unsure, don't do it and ask.

As a general reminder, disrespecting other users during an event can also lead to disqualification. Be nice to each other!

Any questions, suggestions or general feedback?

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or general feedback, you can chat with any member of staff on the client, or my Discord is always open for a chat (TomW#7954). We're always keen to hear user's suggestions for improving Habboon.

That's all from me, folks. Have a great weekend and I'll see you around the hotel. :)

-- Tom

Comments (49)

sonamoana 5 months ago

Congratulations...Thank you so much for the update and thanks for all!

kiss 5 months ago

yeah clyp is a tiny troll! har har

dua. 5 months ago

hiring port and clyp as staff? didnt know trolls could be mods!

kiss 5 months ago

That's so not in my Jantasy..

Ornaci 5 months ago

*takes the shade button and smacks it a million times*

Kai 5 months ago

last to x .........

meg 5 months ago

u wil not regret hiring hus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kiss 5 months ago

*gives ornaci the pink shade button*

Ornaci 5 months ago

Y'all removed IU the one who made users engage in articles more and made it interesting... In Jan's words "NOT THIS". Not saying I'm disappointed but I'm disappointed luv.

iu 5 months ago

farewell amigos

IMVU 5 months ago

hiii, would you let us know when the next botw is? or what the schedule is for that, if any? thanks

kiss 5 months ago

What type of changes :O!?

Wednesday 5 months ago

We're going throughhhh chaaangessss ?

Canadian 5 months ago

What fucking idiot hired Annabelle back LOL She had her chance tell her to fuck off and hire someone else

devika 5 months ago

that Annabelle woman seems like she enjoys clams.

dylan 5 months ago

WOOOOOOO! Congrats to the new trials!

kiss 5 months ago

Omg Paddy!! Yes more comments!!

Akstar 5 months ago

Bring Moderator Jus back!

hus 5 months ago

muahaha no more "to" anything in events now >:)

kiss 5 months ago

What the heck!? It's Had- I mean Clyp!

devi 5 months ago

Hey paddy and libby!

desiree 5 months ago

devi has a set of sexy kneecaps, ive seen them

oliver 5 months ago

Ah have you not pulled that manoeuvre yet? It's a very exciting one I love to perform on K****** Industrial Estate. Oh ok, that is so sad, I thought you were going for important business meetings. Where are you travelling instead? x

libby 5 months ago

Paddy 5 months ago

i just wanted to say: dog

oliver 5 months ago

That is quite a drive. Are you going to go on the motorway in third gear or sticking in second? I did actually shed a tear last night, not because I was sad, I'm happy to see you move on. Is your flight to Linkoping still booked for September?

libby 5 months ago

devi 5 months ago

Anyone here have sexy knee caps??????

oliver 5 months ago

I hope you can swiftly deliver to him, on call I could hear the excitement in his voice! I have decided I will not be venturing around the hotel all alone, I will wait the 10 years until you're unbanned and we shall continue.

libby 5 months ago

Yes I have. He was really excited to have ordered them. I hope to branch out and create a discord server where I can sell them. I miss you dearly and I will miss our adventures around the hotel :( I am a bit upset in real life x

oliver 5 months ago

I know this is our only way to communicate now, I wish you best in your life beyond with your resin dildo business. Heard you've been getting a lot of orders from a certain someone on this hotel ;)

libby 5 months ago

I will try to come back. I miss you too. I miss everybody even Podsafe my sexy boyfriend x

oliver 5 months ago

cant breathe at libby's comment come bak soon x

furry 5 months ago

[shreya] dog !!!!

hanz 5 months ago

dog !!!!!!!!!!!!

meg 5 months ago

dog dog dog

mil 5 months ago

congrats to the new staff and congrats to the new event friendships tht will be ruined

shreya 5 months ago

ok i'll keep track last to dog

ana 5 months ago

excited to c ppl get mad bc no last to's x

hanz 5 months ago

i agree, last to's made everything fair. i don't see any bad reason to ban it.

claudia 5 months ago

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meg 5 months ago

you've just made teaming easier.... last to's gave everyone a chance

libby 5 months ago

Think this is well

bogan 5 months ago

can u explain why last tos r banned

meg 5 months ago

cant wait for people to be triggered when picking to kick <3 <3 <3

... 5 months ago

congrast every11<333

furry 5 months ago


meg 5 months ago

lmao at no last to's

Godsblade 5 months ago

Tom pass me a iPad

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yeah clyp is a tiny troll! har...

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