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Hey Habboon, 

To make sure that we start 2021 in the right direction for Habboon, we'll be hosting two Infobus sessions to gather feedback, opinions and host a forum discussion within the room regarding agencies and casinos/economy. 

If you plan to attend, please make sure you're coming to be part of the discussion and truly think you'll contribute healthy and building feedback/discussion to the conversation, so we can truly direct the hotel in the right direction.

Before attending, make sure to check out our:

- Agency Feedback Form (Anonymous)

- Economy Feedback Form (Anonymous)

The corresponding Infobus Sessions will be hosted at:

Thursday 28th January 2021 - 8PM GMT - 3PM EST - Agencies Infobus

Friday 29th January 2021 - 8PM GMT - 3PM EST - Economy Infobus

The sessions will most likely be alerted 1 hour - 30 mins before-hand t o let the queue build up. We might prioritise key members of these communities access to make sure we get a good understanding from figureheads and the average user. 

Thanks - remember to keep your masks on,


Comments (3)

dylan$16470 1 year ago

Take your shirt off


Cameron 1 year ago

Let's infobus this shizzle up! Can't wait to see everyone at their respective sessions!


ex 1 year ago

looking forward to these sessions!

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Take your shirt off

Let's infobus this shizzle up!...

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