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Welcome to WTFriday!

This week's edition of WTFriday is brought to you by 326 and Tazo!

But... what is WTFriday?

Well, I'm glad you asked. WTFriday is a bi-weekly article where you, or any user, can learn more about the staff members here at Habboon. You can enter in ANY question you want to know about them (that's right... ANY question) with the chance of it being published in a WTFriday article and win a super cool badge! Of course, the questions must be clean and appropriate, however.

You are able to ask two different types of questions. The first being a personal question and the second being a group question.

What is the difference between a 'Personal' and 'Group' question?

A personal question is one that is directly aimed at a specific staff member. Only they will answer this question for you. Whereas a group question is asked to the entire staff team and anyone who responds on the staff team will be published, no matter how crazy. Remember, it is important to ask those personal questions also!

What happens if my question is picked?

If you get chosen, your question will be featured (and answered) in our bi-weekly article and you will also receive one of four WTFriday exclusive badges which you can see below!



beloved Asks: what song (or album) do you think is criminally underrated?

linds: Rooney - when did your heart go missing

deviMamma Mia Here We Go Again album by the various Mamma Mia Cast, especially anything from Amanda Seyfried

annabelle: Khia - my neck, my back, it’s a song!!

tonta: The Greatest Showman Soundtrack - its actually so sick

Bot: when the party’s over by Billie eilish

desiree: every single one of brockhampton’s songs

punkThe most underrated song I can think of is void of vision’s song decay. So obsessed with it. A new version dropped recently and I’ve been playing it nonstop. Check it out if you’re into metal. 

Clyp: Dwin - cityyyyyy lifeee.

hus: Almost every Jax Jones song ever

326: I Like Me Better by Lauv

A-BFaceAwake by Illenium

p: Cat Heaven Roy Blair

perhapz: um maybe all the songs on HS1 by harry styles! they are SO good

chica: anything by elton john

Natalie: Underrated song is Shoot for the Moon - Fresh Lady

Tazo: any album by the prodigy or anything dnb in general

put: Trapsoul by Bryson Tiller! That album has gotten me through some tough times!

dynamic: Beat it by MIchael Jackson

hannah Asks: If the habbon hub was on fire, which staff member would you grab first?

linds: sledmore

devi: First, I'd swoop Desiree into my left hand and hide her as she in my dotter #1. Then I'd find Elle (perhapz) and place her on my back as she is dotter #2. Then I'd find my gfs Linds, Lily, and Thelma and we'd hold hands (right hand) to safety. User Chaos would have started the fire btw.  If I saw staff member car103, Pespidoge, 326 I'd trip them. Lol

annabelle: Tonta!

tonta: Annabelle

chaos: frank for sure!!! i love him!!!

Bot: devi bc jay inslee

desiree: devi and hus >:) one hand for each of them

punk: I’d grab either put or Natalie. They are the biggest hubbers.

Clyp: Frank!

hus: Tarasque :p

326: Sledmore because he can just make a new hub. Can't do that if he burns with Frank and the rest of the hub AFKers

A-BFace: Mod Dynamic because he's bae

p: Sledmore

perhapz: frank...jks i have no idea everyone is so lovely :(

Tarasque: I'll grab Hus, if i'm going down she’s coming down with me 

chica: punk because shes cute

Natalie: Gotta save Mags

Tazo: hmmm, either clyp or 326

put: I would grab Natalie, duh!. She's a fairy, surely she can just make the fire disappear right?!

dynamic: Punk

meiji Asks: What is your favourite rare wearable?

linds: teddy backpack

devi: All three are tied: my diamond heart necklace cus I got it from boosting but legit nobody else has it n I was super inactive when I got it so I didnt realize how rare it was, my golden wreath cus I won it from a snapchat competition from my bff cuddle, or the bat hat cus I randomly won it when xian asked the hub to watch a video and say wat time is the basketball shot @ and I guessed n won.

annabelle: Hitched jumper

tonta: probably the star earrings bc they are so cute

chaos: probably the kitty headphones or long scarf. i wear those in almost every outfit i make i feel.

Bot: golden bag

desiree: puppy ears!!

punk: My favorite wearable has to be hitched jumper. When It came out in Christmas like two years ago I didn’t have enough snowflakes. So for a whole year I was searching for it. Then it came out again and I nearly cried no cap.

Clyp: Gold Cracker Hat.

hus: Diamond wreath crown because pretty

326: Dark Blue Cracker Hat!!

A-BFace: Fox outfit. Furries are people too.

p: Staff

perhapz: i love the hitched jumper and teddy backpack because i wear it with everything

Tarasque: Gold Cracker Crown!! Bling bling

chica: bear backpack!

Natalie: Probably the habpods because you can hardly see them

Tazo: the teddy backpack or kitty ears <3333

put: The rat accessories for sure, the ears are so cute!

dynamic: Oversized scarf

That is it for this week, folks! Thank you for reading and to those who submitted questions. Remember, you can submit your own question by clicking the submit button above. 

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- 326 and Tazo

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