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Thank you to the wonderful Michaela for creating the header and GFX used!

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in hunting for gold! Unfortunately, there could be only one winner in the end who was lucky enough to take it all home.

Read on for a summary of the event and all the solutions!

Thanks to everyone who attempted to find the end of the rainbow!

The first person to guess the correct password to [HFG] Enigma Solved! was . . .


The first three people to stumble upon [HFG] Secret were  . . .




Congratulations to all the winners!

Please seek out chaos in-client to receive your prizes.

- The first number given was two. If you guided the Rune Stones to the correct Pile of Slate, you would’ve been given this clue.

- The second number given was seven. The game was unscramble, and the last roller’s prompt was “esnev”.

- The third number was five. All you had to do was finish the lyric, and the last prompt’s answer was your clue! (“Mama’s on the porch yellin’, ‘Supper’s hot, y’all come and get it.’ We yelled, ‘Five more minutes!’”)

- Next was a classic whodunnit murder mystery. Help the detective figure out who murdered Mr. Smith by determining whose alibi was false! Only then would you be given a scrap of paper with the number one on it. (It was the chef - Gordon.)

- This is where the hints started getting a bit more tricky! In the flower fields, your clue was how many flowers were out of place. Stepping on eight of them would open the corresponding gates and let you move on!

- Returning to the hotel, there were three floors with teleporters. Your goal was to make your way up the levels and make your way back to the entrance room to start trying passwords.

Did you miss [HFG] Secret?

The room could’ve been accessed through [HFG] Return to the Hotel by going through the sixth teleporter on the second floor.

With 720 possible combinations for the passworded room, and no other hints given, participants would’ve had to have been extremely lucky and persistent to unlock it. The correct code was:

That’s all for now! Thank you again to everyone who participated, and even if you didn’t win, the effort that you all put in was exceptional!

See you at the end of the next rainbow,


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ex 1 year ago

good job guys! wooo


kiss 1 year ago

woah woah woah !!

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good job guys! wooo

woah woah woah !!

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