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Welcome to Snapshot of the Week!

Hosted by Clyp and Bot


Snapshot of the Week or known as SOTW is a new weekly article where you have the opportunity to show us your skills as a builder and photographer!


Each week we will ask you to build a small room according to the given theme and to send us a snapshot of it using the in-game camera.




Step 1 : Build a small room using furniture related to the theme.

Step 2 : Wear an outfit related to the theme (recommended).

Step 3 : Ask your friends to join the photo (optional).

Step 4 : Use the in-game camera and take your best snapshot.


How to save a snapshot using the in-game camera :





Rule 1 : The title of your room should be [SOTW #19].

Rule 2 : The room must be entirely built by you.

Rule 3 : The room's design must be related to the current theme.

Rule 4 : You MUST use the in-game camera function to save your snapshot.




The top three snapshots will be rewarded with the prizes listed below and their snapshot displayed in the next article.

First place : Gold Badge, 300 diamonds, 30 000 credits


Second place : Silver Badge, 200 diamonds, 20 000 credits


Third place : Bronze Badge, 100 diamonds, 10 000 credits




Last week, the theme was FASHION RUNWAY.


FIRST PLACE : tintin




Well done to those who placed and thank you to all the participants, it was a pleasure to receive your submissions!




This week's theme is ARCTIC.

The title of your room should be [SOTW #19].

Make sure to stick to the theme and to take a snapshot using the in-game camera found beside your avatar in the bottom left of the game client.




You have until April 19 - 3 PM GMT to submit your snapshot!


Please CLICK HERE to submit your snapshot


If you have any question, contact us in-game or on Discord at Clyp#0001 - bott#3426.


Good luck!


Clyp & Bot

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courtney 1 year ago

Oooo nice work to everyone! < 3


ex 1 year ago

werk it ladiezzzz


0666 1 year ago

lets get this tiki bread


kiss 1 year ago


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Oooo nice work to everyone! <...

werk it ladiezzzz

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