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Welcome to Habboon Happenings!

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We’re here to answer the frequently asked question: what’s happening on Habboon? Read the weekly post to check out spotlights on users, communities, and events. Ask advice and learn more about your own community. 

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A reader asks, " How do I tell my parents I want to move out?"

linds: I'd definitely be prepared. Have budgets, some locations / places to live listed out, how you're going to make the money and how much it'll cost you. But they definitely need to know that you are gunna move out one day, just have all the info to back you up!

devi: If you have a place to go and are ready to do so, I'd sit them down and have an adult conversation! Make sure you are prepared for all the types of questions they'll ask and make room for compromises as well :)


Space Hotel - Informatie over Space aankopen


A reader asks, "what color should I paint my room?"

linds: Each wall a different color, I recommend: teal, pink, purple and silver.


devi: Personally, it depends on where you are located! Where I live, it's pretty gray all the time, so I recommend warm colors for the winter! But also something that won't take away from the decoration of the room. A good yellow maybe?



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amazing article !!

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