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Welcome to Habboon Happenings!

Hosted by linds and devi!

We’re here to answer the frequently asked question: what’s happening on Habboon? Read the weekly post to check out spotlights on users, communities, and events. Ask advice and learn more about your own community. 

We’ll also post staff updates such as hirings, updates, and more!



This week we’re shouting out Crystal Lake Roleplay!

We asked Roleplay Owner elegant a few questions about her art & graphics abilities for aspiring artists out there ….

linds: What is Crystal Lake Roleplay?

elegant: A budding role-play city, boasting an evolving plethora of rooms, events, and community. Based on a Beverly Hills California dream, open to all calibers of role players



devi: What type of roleplay does Crystal Lake offer?


elegant: We have been focusing on the older, nostalgic forms of roleplay, simply advocating a pleasant, genial experience. Message delicate & ,victoriaa for me details


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A reader asks, "What's the best way to make new friends? "

linds: push yourself to be more social even if you're scared!! i'm shy and nervous around new people but i try to push myself to converse with others. that, or get drunk and talk to people

devi: Try joining clubs or social areas with your interests. It's always easiest making connections when you all have something in common!



A reader asks, "Do you have any cooking advice so I don't burndown my kitchen?

linds: get an air fryer 👍 only thing i cook with that only sometimes triggers the fire alarm


devi: I always like to read and understand a recipe before I do anything. Before pre-heating the oven, make sure there's nothing in there. If you're unsure about something always ask!!



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All questions will remain anonymous, so ask anything!

if you're reading this, message devi on Discord at devi#8451 to enter a giveaway for an exclusive Weather Plush! Be sure to say what your Habboon username is. All users who message will be entered :)

Everyone is so busy working for GOTW points, serving coffee at Coffeehouse, and assisting Frank in cleaning the Welcome Lounge that we believe there should be a little fun mixed with business.

Below will be some games that you can do for fun in your spare time! Think you’re up for the challenge?




What did Devi say to Linds to encourage her to stop working and come party with Devi?

Submit your captions here!


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Yellow has returned as a Moderator! Be sure to give her a big welcome back on the client!


Cookie and Lily created their own custom rainbow furniture and clothing line! Keep your eyes peeled on ways to win. 

Check out the Habboon Discord for TWO Pride Discord Competitions hosted by Devi, Jordan, and Hus

Check out the Pixel by Pixel Discord Server for their own Pride Art Competition

The Habboon Staff created their own Pride Events! Check out the large Pride article created by Linds and Devi on the homepage! Winners have a chance to win items from the new Custom Rainbow Line!

New furniture and clothing have been uploaded from the “Pride” collection. We also have a new Pride Diamond rotation! Check it out :) 



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linds & devi

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