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Massive thank you to users jrney and Michaela for working together to throw these amazing article headers together, and for mil for creating the original set.

Welcome to WTFriday!

This week's edition of WTFriday is brought to you by 326!

But... what is WTFriday?

Well, I'm glad you asked. WTFriday is a bi-weekly article where you, or any user, can learn more about the staff members here at Habboon. You can enter in ANY question you want to know about them (that's right... ANY question) with the chance of it being published in a WTFriday article and win a super cool badge! Of course, the questions must be clean and appropriate, however.

You are able to ask two different types of questions. The first being a personal question and the second being a group question.

What is the difference between a 'Personal' and 'Group' question?

A personal question is one that is directly aimed at a specific staff member. Only they will answer this question for you. Whereas a group question is asked to the entire staff team and anyone who responds on the staff team will be published, no matter how crazy. Remember, it is important to ask those personal questions also!

What happens if my question is picked?

If you get chosen, your question will be featured (and answered) in our bi-weekly article and you will also receive one of four WTFriday exclusive badges which you can see below!



gentle Asks: What is your favourite genre of TV Shows/Movies? 

linds (Community Leader): horror or crime

devi (Administrator): Disney Pixar nice types ya

annabelle (Administrator): Horror movies and crime shows for sure!

mel (Administrator): Horror/Thriller/Romance

326 (Administrator): Sci-fi or Comedy!

Jordan (Administrator): Comedy or Crime!

cookie (Moderator): comedy

lily (Moderator): nothing beats a well written mystery

els (Moderator): i honestly love rom coms (even though they are usually cringy) and i’ve started watching crime docs too!

snug (Moderator): Comedy!!

Natalie (Moderator): Fantasy for sure!

lia Asks: What is your sun sign, moon sign, and rising signs? 

linds (Community Leader): pardon. i need devi where is she.

devi (Administrator): Omg I love u it’s Virgo/ Aquarius / Aries.

annabelle (Administrator): Erm, come back to me when I’ve actually researched that..

mel (Administrator): ermmm I don’t know what time I was born sorry but I’m a Libra!!

326 (Administrator): Thanks to Devi I know it's Scorpio / Libra / Aries

Jordan (Administrator): A calculator says Leo sun, Cancer moon, and Scorpio rising??

cookie (Moderator): OK I had to google this. My sun sign is taurus. My moon sign is moon in capricorn. My rising sign is ascendant in taurus. ty to whoever sent this question, that was fun little read.

lily (Moderator): virgo, capricorn, aquarius

els (Moderator): pisces sun, libra moon and aries rising

snug (Moderator): ♒️ Aquarius Cancer n Scorpio .. i think

Natalie (Moderator): Best q ever!! for tropical astrology: sun - gemini, moon - pisces, rising - virgo. Then for sidereal: sun - taurus, moon - aquarius, rising - leo

lei Asks: Do you believe any conspiracy theories? 

linds (Community Leader): mandala effect fcks me up

devi (Administrator): Yes that connect is the fbi.

annabelle (Administrator): Can’t say I do!

mel (Administrator): Princess Diana was murdered and Pizzagate is real

326 (Administrator): No I am a sane person

Jordan (Administrator): None that I can think of!

cookie (Moderator): no

lily (Moderator): extraterrestrials

els (Moderator): not really

snug (Moderator): i believe in science! not conspiracy theories

Natalie (Moderator): I believe in way too many eeek

That is it for this week, folks! Thank you for reading and to those who submitted questions. Remember, you can submit your own question by clicking the submit button above. 

Did your question feature in this week's edition? Contact 326 in-game or on Discord 326#2306 to receive your exclusive badge!

Be sure to check back soon for a new edition of WTFriday!

- 326

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twinkle 2 months ago

loved some of these answers so much !!

kiss 2 months ago

hope to see new badges soon !!

Michael 2 months ago

If you was stranded on an island and had to survive for one month but was allowed to take two items with you, which two items would you choose and why?

Cameron 2 months ago

Thanks for all the questions!

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loved some of these answers so...

hope to see new badges soon !!

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