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An exclusive Habbooween article offering you a chance to win some tricks.. or treats!

Keep an eye out on the articles and Discord (discord.gg/Habboon) for some tasks to win some Habboonween clothing. Happy Habboonween, Booners!

The first task is to find a furniture, which when stood/sat on, triggers a prize bubble after saying "Trick or treat!" on it. The furniture is hidden within a public room. When you find it, take a screenshot on it in a Halloween costume! Submit via the submission form at the bottom of the article to enter.

(P.S - Make sure to say it exactly as "Trick or treat!" otherwise it won't work! Also take a screenshot ON the furniture that is the correct one and upload it to Imgur!)

(Moon, Death and Voodoo)

Before Devi left the staff team, she left her tarot cards in the drawer which I managed to take. Instead of disposing them, I've decided to give them out to the hotel. The most popular voted tarot will be handed out to all users who voted for that tarot for free.

Keep your eyes peeled for other tarot badges that you can grab over the next week.

This week's prizes will start smaller and get bigger as we approach the haunted holiday. Enter this week for a chance to win: 

500 diamonds, a Habboween clothing item and an exclusive badge + rare!

Click here to submit your screenshot and tarot card selection!

Good luck and thanks for entering!

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LordandSaviour 1 month ago

No news about new staff, so I will make it official and say welcome. I will however say, it feels like at this point we may as well just have the entire Boon Connect team as staff. Doesn't smell like favouritism and bias towards friends at all.

kiss 1 month ago

death to u all with the trick or treating

ex 1 month ago

treats for the tricks

mich 1 month ago

i miss devi spaghetti

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No news about new staff, so I...

death to u all with the trick...

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