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Welcome to WTFriday!

This week's edition of WTFriday is brought to you by Cameron and Kaydee!

But... what is WTFriday?

Well, I'm glad you asked. WTFriday is a bi-weekly article where you, or any user, can learn more about the staff members here at Habboon. You can enter in ANY question you want to know about them (that's right... ANY question) with the chance of it being published in a WTFriday article and win diamonds and a super cool badge! Of course, the questions must be clean and appropriate, however.

You are able to ask two different types of questions. The first being a personal question and the second being a group question.

What is the difference between a 'Personal' and 'Group' question?

A personal question is one that is directly aimed at a specific staff member. Only they will answer this question for you. Whereas a group question is asked to the entire staff team and anyone who responds on the staff team will be published, no matter how crazy. Remember, it is important to ask those personal questions also!

What happens if my question is picked?

If you get chosen, your question will be featured (and answered) in our bi-weekly article and you will also receive one of four WTFriday exclusive badges which you can see below as well as 100 diamonds!



Illona Asks: What is one thing a lot of people don't know about you?

moderator (Administrator): I'm vegan.

linds (Administrator)I’ve done a lot of musicals.

annabelle (Administrator): I'm flexible.

Jordan (Administrator): Whether im a boy or girl apparently. ):

snug (Administrator): I'm not sure, I'm an open book!

furry (Moderator): That i'm not a furry.

Sweet (Moderator): It's a W having me as a friend.

james (Moderator): One thing a lot of people dont know about me is that Im always afk.

pixie (Moderator): I'm almost like a tomboy LOL.

Bran (Moderator): Omg illona my gerlll, idk probably that i'm left handed?

kiss (Moderator): That's one secret I'll never tell, you know you love me. XOXO

Kaydee (Moderator): I am the worst at replying to messages :SKULL:

Natey (Moderator): That I'm gay. I know right?? Shocker.

cookie (Moderator): I secretly wish I could be a WWE superstar.

kio (Moderator): I actually ran the press media for new york times in my prime age of 12-17 until i got overthrown by my evil twin sister who damaged my right leg so much i had to get it amputated and now i walk with a wooden leg and my friends and family call me pirate kio.

lily (Moderator): I'm sure not a lot of people know this but... I love boba :)

soul (Moderator): I refuse to kill any insects even if they are in my house. I use the cup method to safely release them back outside! I believe that all lives are valuable no matter how small! :)

angel (Moderator): I’m secretly a vampire.

childish (Moderator): A thing a lot of ppl don’t know about me is i had elocution lessons when i was 9 LOOL.

Foxy (Moderator): One thing people mostly dont know about me is that i collect stuffed animals.

tinkerbell (Moderator): One thing I’d say people don’t know about me , which I don’t talk much about really is that when I was a baby at 3 months old I lost my breath for 2 minutes which then affected my brain and learning and thinking processes throughout my life , and still does affect me to this day!

bub (Moderator): I'm the epitome of bimbo.

Moonstone (Moderator): A lot of people don’t know that I am completing my Masters in Social Work and that I want to work in hospice as a social worker!

netta (Moderator): A lot of people don’t seem to know I have kids.. even though I never stop talking about them LOL.

Jade-joana Asks: What is your lucky number?

moderator (Administrator): 13.

linds (Administrator): 8.

annabelle (Administrator): 15.

Jordan (Administrator): 9!! Or 7.

snug (Administrator): 3.

furry (Moderator): 980 for my umu love.

Sweet (Moderator): I wouldn't say I have one, but I'll say 3.

james (Moderator): 14.

pixie (Moderator): Would be number 3. <3

Bran (Moderator): 25, don't ask me why, don't ask me what for, i have no idea.

kiss (Moderator): Number 8 is my lucky number for limitless and infinite possibilities!

Kaydee (Moderator): 11.

Natey (Moderator): Considering I somehow managed to fail maths 4 times in high school/college I'll go with the number 4.

cookie (Moderator): 5 or 27!

kio (Moderator): Two.

lily (Moderator): 8.

soul (Moderator): I don't have a lucky number but my favourite number is number 4.

angel (Moderator): 18.

childish (Moderator): My lucky numbers 69 (;

Foxy (Moderator): My lucky number is 14 :).

tinkerbell (Moderator): I don’t have a lucky number because I don’t believe in no such thing so I’m just going to choose 16.

bub (Moderator): 5.

Moonstone (Moderator): My lucky number is 27! My immediate family all have birthdays that either fall on a 2 or a 7 :)

netta (Moderator): My lucky number is 18.

That is it for this week, folks! Thank you for reading and to those who submitted questions. Remember, you can submit your own question by clicking the submit button above. 

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Be sure to check back soon for a new edition of WTFriday!

- Cameron & Kaydee


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