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Snowflakes are an activity/reward-based currency exclusively available during the festive season on Habboon.

Your snowflake count is indicated on client in the top right corner (in the box that reads Snowflakes, with the snowflake icon) & can also be seen by typing ':stats' on the client.

For most players, the simplest way of earning snowflakes is to simply play Habboon and you will be rewarded for each hour of activity. There are some checks in place behind-the-scenes to make sure that activity-based earning isn't being abused, but as long as you're just normally playing Habboon, then you should be fine with earning them. Snowflakes are a tried and tested system, so when you think you've 'not earned' any snowflakes, there is most likely a valid reason for this.

Other ways of earning snowflakes; playing events and winning GOTW points, which now come bundled with a randomized snowflake count (between 1 to 50). Entering article competitions and placing in the top three placements. Taking part in scheduled and spontaneous staff-hosted/verified games and events on client and in the Habboon Discord (https://discord.gg/habboon). Each public room can also spawn a random snow puff on the ground, which will give you snowflakes for collecting, when walked on.

More ways will be coming to earn Snowflakes, so make sure to keep logging in to stay up to date with all the latest methods.

Snowflakes can be spent exclusively in the Snowflake Shop (pending first rotation 6th December), which can let you buy items that are exclusively available during the Christmas period. Some other items might make an appearance, such as old Diamond Store clothing that hasn't been seen in a long while, forgotten rare clothing and even possibly rares.

It's always up to you to decide what you want to spend your snowflakes on and when you want to spend them. Do you want to risk missing out on that slick Oversized Coat? Or do you think it's worth holding on because you might be able to nab yourself a Noble Crown? It's up to you.

This year Snowflakes will be earnable until the 12th of January, 2023. On this date the cycles and festivities will be disabled. The Snowflake store will remain available until the 14th of January, 2023. However, it will not be rotated again.

Simple, just login everyday from the 1st to the 12th and you'll be given a badge & a penguin within a gift. Once you've collected all 12, you will be eligible for the main prize. Which is currently undisclosed!

Subject to boosting & alt/clone checks*

From the 13th of December onwards, all users are eligible to collect a Gingerbread man from the advent calendar.

Be warned that you only have 24 hours to claim each Gingerbread man. Claiming all Gingerbread men will make you eligible for the main prize.

The timezone for this system is GMT.

Subject to boosting & alt/clone checks*