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Nitro / HTML5 Client

What is Nitro? (Written before v2)

We're currently testing a community made HTML5 alternative to the Habbo client, known as Nitro.

A limited amount of users have been given access to test out the client on Habboon. Nitro has been publicly available for over a year now, so we're not actually testing Nitro's stability as many hotels currently use it.

We're currently doing some testing as we've had to make adjustments to our server to run multiple revisions at the same time.

- Habboon Staff

Recently addressed issues

A quick overview of bugs recently addressed:

Issues addressed for Nitro v2

  • Added badge base validation as missing assets caused a disconnection on Nitro.
  • Added some code to force disable hidden profiles, as they appear to open on Nitro.
  • Fixed an issue where achievements wouldn't open
  • Fixed an issue with doorbells (wrong packet structure on our end)
  • Fixed a bug with HC Pay day packets causing disconnections on HC click
  • Added packets for camera on Nitro platform (disabled for now)

Note: Everything below was down for Nitro v1 (during 11/05/2022 - 14/05/2022)

  • Swapped order of volume settings on Nitro composers
  • Avatar / general settings bug fixed they now load properly.
  • The correct packets now send when using :mimic, :faceless & mannequins
  • Fixed an issue with new lines (:stats, :commands, :about, etc)
  • Implemented proper client security levels for staff.
  • Room ad support has been added to match our Flash version (users can use room ads w/out mod tool showing)
  • Context menu 'moderate' settings (on clicking a peer) will now show the kick/mute/ban & rights options.
  • Marketplace limit is now higher than 9999.
  • You can no longer redeem the same clothing item more than once.
  • Certain windows use a different notification if the client is connected to Nitro platform (e.g. :about)
  • Added a client platform flag to disable certain catalog pages on specific platforms.
  • Added the ability to assign different welcome messages per client revision.
  • Users on Nitro platform are now sent a different packet for the homeroom forwarding.
  • Updated packet structures for item updating on Nitro platform.
  • Updated packet structures for room permissions on Nitro platform.
  • Added a fix for where Nitro doesn't send through a catalog page for offers once clicked (cata searching)
Things to know

We've compiled a list of issues / things missing we've found whilst testing.

This will be updated shortly.

How do I join the test?

Simple, click here and fill in the Google form.

You probably won't be notified that you've been accepted, as the volume will be relatively high.

A note about the interface

We're currently working on a version of the Habbo interface that we all know and love.

We've opted not to actively update the version shown on Habboon.

This could change in the future, but whilst we've only just started & Nitro v2 is edging near release, it seems counterintuitive at the moment to actively work on this client.

For now our priority is to test compatibility between Flash & Nitro and figure out any quirks that we may be unaware of.