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Hello, long time no see. 

We have decided to open our staff applications once more to see what hidden talent we're missing out on the hotel. If you feel that you're capable of being our latest staff members, feel free to apply with the following form attached by clicking here or the link at the bottom of the article.

There is no closing date on these applications, so feel free to take your time. We won't be picking any time soon but it's nice to have a form that is open for us to read when we think it's time to hire new staff. If you have any questions about staff applications, feel free to ask any of our managers or administrators - however, we won't help you with your application. This is something we want to see from your minds, not our own.

So, if you feel that you're handsome, have an amazing jawline, a online gaming master, capable of winning back to back tournaments, not a quitter, determined, hard-working, no weak-spots, the ultimate invention of man-kind: apply today.


Click the link. I bet you won't, coward.

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TheSafetyPerson 1 year ago

Very interesting...

EuropeGaming123 1 year ago

i have send application for staff. When will i get Answer?

-sushi 1 year ago

Hello, My name is justine1221 and i would love to be a staff.So i could help out and invite more people!

Tenzo 1 year ago


richfuck 1 year ago

lemme be dem staffs cuz peepol gonna be happy with more stuffs HUE kurwa

frappucino 1 year ago

bitches wasup

Jass. 1 year ago

Hi Habboon Staff's I Would Love To To Be A Staff My User Is GameingWithJay And I Will Love To Build Help And Even Bring More People

Aperture 1 year ago


snm 1 year ago

chupa mi pinga

vVloneFlex 1 year ago

We, Habboon, definitely need MORE STAFFS. Back in the days, this retro was very popping and popular and was the #1 retro with the most players. I missed logging in and see 10k, 20k, or even 30k players online to meet around. Please if you find a good staff, MAKE SURE they is ACTIVE and most importantly FUN for this community could stay together.

iamgodfool 1 year ago

Much love

dynamite 1 year ago

I wanna change my username please?

Shooting3s 1 year ago

kids dont do drugs

Yariman 1 year ago

habboon legit needs more staff that aren't pussies or biased.

Youngman19 1 year ago

Pick me for president<3 love you #staff #active #smart

ReginaVLone 1 year ago

This is the most active I have been onboon in years hope I get picked too

.!. 1 year ago

Omg I hope I get picked

zohaib 1 year ago

u elitest bastards

richfuck 1 year ago

do u know da wae

hossbrookshero 1 year ago

gl mitch

Mitch 1 year ago

I applied! I hope I get picked monkaS

stopstlalkingme 1 year ago

hi cuntz

Gambino 1 year ago

I love user Cody,

Evil 1 year ago

Word wrap kappa

devi 1 year ago

yo jazzy why dont we fight this out on pub2 you little pumpkin bumpkin!!!!

Darn 1 year ago


aw 1 year ago

no devi

devi 1 year ago

so I need all the owners venmos right now let me just add a little present for that Christmas spirit

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Very interesting...

i have send application for st...

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