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(thanks to linds for the graphics)


In order to finish the quest, you must go through the various locations and collect all of the horcruxes to beat Voldemort before he takes over both the wizarding world and the muggle world! Can you and your friends make it through the journey to be able to defeat him before it’s too late?

To start the quest, search linds and find the room titled [HPQ] Platform 9 and ¾  

In addition to the quest, we’ll be placing cauldrons all over the hotel in various rooms, such as: public rooms, unlocked staff rooms, popular roleplays as well as agencies, and the quest rooms. So make sure to keep an eye out!

Count all the cauldrons and click here to submit your answer to win this badge below!

Submit by November, 26th at 11:59 P.M CST

If you have any suggestions on new quests, questions about this quest, or anything revolving around event/quest work, you’re welcome to comment below or to send us a message via discord.

After completing this quest, you should have the following badges:

Good luck everyone and have fun!

Comments (30)

cormac 8 months ago

whats the phrase or sentence in diagon alley pls nd ty

Sincela 8 months ago

Have you managed to fix the 3rd badge yet? :)

snooterqueen 8 months ago

I can't find the snake skin :-(

BirDichzz 8 months ago

why aint g-recaptcha working for me? every single time i try load i get no captcha.

CuteyKitty7507 8 months ago

I AM POOP!!!!!!!

Kelx 8 months ago

Trying to find the furni in Great Hall...

laurenxreaper 8 months ago

[hpq] dumbledore's office is bugged. the items wont go away when you double click them etc.

Aperture 8 months ago


celestial 8 months ago

The potion quest won't seem to teleport me, i found them all and i've typed the answer in alot but it still won't teleport me

BigMess 8 months ago

I got the potion right in the bathroom but then cant find the tiles to walk over/teleport

iu 8 months ago

i cant find the right furni in hogs head UGH

Masakit 8 months ago

Okay, suggesting quests for Pride Month!

Socialism 8 months ago

<b> good </b>

aimee 8 months ago

aftr like... 7/8 months of u havin the idea its kinda cute tht its actually a thing now - looks SICK too so nice going

tHwIwGwHbEwRz 8 months ago

7 cauldrons- I think

Timezone 8 months ago

i cannot find the damn snake skin

linds 8 months ago

the 3rd badge doesn't work, even given manually. trying to figure it out

asai 8 months ago

Didn't receive badge number 3, the medallion with the snake did not appear. Every other badge works. https://i.imgur.com/ldgU9rV.png

Obito 8 months ago

7 cauldrons (?)

NotWrath 9 months ago

whta a pile of crep!

cuddle 9 months ago

-H- Cuddle Bean [Z'7] REPORTING FOR HP DUTY!!

jules 9 months ago

if I didn’t h8 Harry Potter I’d say cool article or something nice

pespidoge 9 months ago

what a pile of shite

Wout 9 months ago

To quote the one and only Jesus: amazing

frappucino 9 months ago

ugh what are ingredients to polyjuice thingy

devi-previously-was-a-moderator-but-isnt-anymore 9 months ago


deKooning 9 months ago

Wired is broken on hogwarts bridge

obsess 9 months ago


HzNaruto 9 months ago

good good !!!

linds 9 months ago

if there's any bugs or anything need's fixing, you can pm my discord: lindsay#1727 or make a :help request! thanks :)

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whats the phrase or sentence i...

Have you managed to fix the 3r...

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