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A special thanks to jules for these amazing gfx!

Happy Holidays, Booners!

You would not believe the action-packed month we have planned for you. We’ve got it all - quests, carnivals, advent calendars, badges, prizes and more! Keep on reading to find out the who, what, where, and when of everything!

Who doesn’t love a good badge? Every day during the month of December, there will be a new badge placed in the welcome lounge for you to collect!

Something seems to be wrong with Santa’s Workshop…

As much as he keeps repairing the locks, somehow people are still getting in, so pay attention!

Throughout the month, look out for a random hotel alert announcing that Santa’s Workshop has been opened! The room can be found under owner: autumn, or you can follow whichever one of Santa’s elves that HA’s it, but be careful - you’ll only be allowed in for a limited time! After Santa fixes his lock, the room will go back to being closed to users. If you managed to make it inside in the allotted time frame, you’ll receive a present!

Getting bored of GOTW points? Good, because this month you’ll be rewarded with snowflakes! If you’re not an events person, you can also gain them from Christmas bots, the advent calendar, being active, or keeping up a login streak! You can use your snowflakes to purchase a mixed selection of prizes including Christmas clothing, rares, and crowns.

The advent calendar is back-back-back-back-back again! From the 1st to the 31st of December, every day you log on you’ll have a chance to grab a prize from the Habboon advent calendar! To do so, simply open client and hit the big yellow H in the bottom left corner. Be sure to participate for your chance to win coins, diamonds, snowflakes, and more!

If you’ve ever caught someone advertising another hotel on Boon, you know that you can gain a nifty little badge for reporting them and helping out our lovely staff! During the month of December, staff will be giving out the badge below instead of the regular badge. Keep your eyes peeled, as this month will be your only chance to grab this goodie!

Regular events will proceed as planned throughout the hotel, but we have our own slight twist! There will be pairs of staff and users hosting together throughout the month, and winning events from specific pairs will earn you some funky badges! If you manage to win an event from each team and collect all 9 badges, submit a screencap to the button below (make sure we can see your avatar name!) and gain the master badge.

Do you love making cool looks for your avatar? Perfect! From December 1st to 31st you can submit your finest Christmas attire to win the nifty badge featured below! Users are limited to one submission only (if you submit more than once we’ll only view the first), and you can use any in-game methods. This means you’re free to use enables in your outfits! Hit submit to enter, and good luck!

If you missed Room of the Week, here’s your time to get back into building! From December 1st to 31st you can submit your snazziest winter-themed room for a chance to snag the badge below. The top three chosen users will have their rooms displayed in the results article!

Starting December 10th, you can find the minigame ‘Saving Christmas’ in the navigator under ‘staff picked rooms’. Gather two of your friends and work as a team of three to complete all levels before the timer runs out in order to help Santa en save Christmas once and for all!

Want to test your skill and luck against other users in a series of carnival games? From December 12th to 31st we’ll be holding two carnivals - one luck and one skill. 16 users will begin in the entrance room, which will be HA’d by whichever staff is hosting. From there, depending on whether it is luck or skill, users will compete in games with two users being eliminated each round. The final three will battle it out for the winner’s glory!

Are luck-based games your thing? If the answer is yes, then be sure to watch out for hotel alerted messages about the Luck Carnival! To find it, search owner: autumn and head down to [XLC] Entrance, or follow whichever staff alerts the carnival. Each of the 16 participants will receive the participation badge below, and the final three will receive badges of their respective placing.

Note: the luck carnival includes ONLY luck-based games such as banzai run, heaven or hell, fridge run, and more.

Are skill-based games your thing? If the answer is yes, then the Skill Carnival is your time to shine. To find it, search owner: autumn and head down to [XSC] Entrance, or follow whichever staff alerts the carnival. Each of the 16 participants will receive the participation badge below, and the final three will receive badges of their respective placing.

Note: the skill carnival includes ONLY skill-based games such as snake run, add it up, melting carpets, and more.

The classic quest! Made up of 20 fun-filled winter-themed rooms, play your way through alone or with friends and earn some funky badges! It will open December 20th and remain open until December 30th. You can find it by searching owner: autumn and heading over to [XMQ] Entrance! Best of luck!

While you participate in the quest, keep an eye out for the present boxes featured below! Count all of them and submit your answer below in order to win something.

We heard your callings for a ball, and we do not disappoint!

On the 30th of December we’ll be holding a Christmas Ball for the entirety of Habboon! There will be prizes and badges for the usual themes of best dressed male, female, and couple, so get your pals ready for some fun! Other activities will be included the day of. Find the times below!


3:00 PM CST - 9:00 PM GMT

If you have a Habboon addiction and a sleep disorder, LMS is your time to shine!

Join our staff in a competition of Last Man Standing where you fight other users to stay awake and active the longest. A separate article for this event will be released closer to the event with more information!

Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for any extra articles and information from our lovely staff! Happy holidays everyone!
Habboon Staff

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