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So you've just enjoyed Christmas, your family have left and you're sitting there - nothing to do. You're bored of your iPhone XR already (should have got a Samsung) and your friends are all playing Habboon again. You're bored. But wait a minute, what's this? Habboon have found a way to keep you entertained for a few days which will make you have no sleep? Another LMS? Are they insane? Who cares, you're still going to play. Loser.

Due to the highly positive response and feedback we've gathered over the past few days (yeah... days... legit...) with our Christmas LMS. We're going to hold two final LMS events to celebrate a great 2018 on Habboon. The prizes are going to stay unannounced until we start (where we will slowly reveal them over time) and will span across two separate games (unlike three, as we are now). We'd like to thank all the users that come by and support the LMS events, be positive and just create the chill environment which makes these enjoyable for our team to run. See you on the 27th of December, no-lifers.


"That sounds exactly like me, pespidoge! B-but, what is LMS?!"

That's an easy question to answer. LMS stands for Last Man Standing and is widely known around the hotel for the most respectable challenge. Users who enter gain the most respect as much as self-respect for taking care of their bodies and being totally normal-minded when entering as they intend to spend as long as possible on Habboon Hotel.

Users will meet in the official Last Man Standing room, hotel alerted 30 minutes before the event begins, and be given a dead line time to arrive. When the doors shut, they remain shut. Nobody enters, everybody.. but one, leaves. There will be regular checks (starting with every 30 minutes, then progressively getting smaller - this system might be different now) to make sure users are not AFK within the LMS room. If so, they will be escorted nicely to hotel view - only to be left in their own sadness and solitude and to re-think their lives, and drown in tears of what could have been. 


The LMS challenges will be hosted on Thursday 27th December 2018 for their respective timezone.
Two LMS competitions will be running for three time-zones.

AEDT -  (12PM (Noon) AUS TZ) (First game start-time)
GMT + EST - (7PM GMT/2PM EST) (Second game start-time)

The prize-list is pretty crazy, just to start. On top of that, we have ALOT of bonuses planned to add through-out the LMS. However, that is on you, the user, to make sure these bonuses are added. The longer the LMS goes on for, the more prizes we add. After a few hours, you'll find it hard to leave.

Click here to see the current prize list and start times (more to be added, as mentioned).
(Click the bottom tab that says "27th December" at the bottom of the page.)

For any more information regarding the LMS, please find a member of staff on the hotel. They'll be happy to help and pass your question on, if they can't answer.

Please make sure to give your emergency contact details to your parents, as we won't be held liable for any injuries (such as carpal tunnel, aneurysms, eye strain, any form of Habboon-influenced deaths and similar) you sustain. See you Thursday, Booners.

This challenge is not authorized nor recommended by the Global Health Organization. All users who enter have entered at their own risks and Habboon Hotel cannot be held eligible to any injuries, family-issues, torn friendships, unfed animals or in worst cases - death. Entering this LMS means that you are totally aware of the worst consequences possible. If you begin to hallucinate due to no sleep, you are weak and should be ashamed of yourself.

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noob 1 year ago

hold my beer ill stay till 2019

pespidoge 1 year ago

Fall asleep then.

hossbrookshero 1 year ago

tru good point if the ball is going to be on the 29

Nevel 1 year ago

But if the new years LMS starts 27th, how will it be with Habboon Christmas Ball?

asai 1 year ago

Do we have any idea when the Winter ROTW winners will be announced?

mop 1 year ago

I'll be there for youuuuu

Dengar 1 year ago

someones gonna die again

FireFly._ 1 year ago

>.< Sweet talk to me babe it's magical

kine 1 year ago

to the place i belong

ryn 1 year ago

country roads, take me home

devi 1 year ago

s2g if any of u whackos win the current LMS and this one im gonna call ur families and report u

Adrian 1 year ago


aimee 1 year ago


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hold my beer ill stay till 201...

Fall asleep then.

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