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A special thanks to jules for these amazing gfx!

Happy Holidays, Booners!

We hope you all enjoyed some festivities this month, whether they were online with us or offline with friends and family! A huge thanks to our staff as always for contributing ideas, building, and planning to make sure our month ran smoothly. Thank YOU, the users, for participating in events such as the quest, the ball, the various LMS events, and every activity we put out.

Keep reading to check out some results!

From the 1st - 31st of December we gave you all the opportunity to submit your best Christmas-inspired outfit! Tons of you submitted some really cool designs, but unfortunately we could only pick our top three. Click on their usernames to check out their funky ‘fits!

1st Place: Drowly. as the Krampus!

2nd Place: JemMondragon as a reindeer!

3rd Place: radio as a funky Christmas tree!

Please find autumn or annabelle in-game to receive your badge.

From the 1st - 31st of December users were given the opportunity to build the best festive-themed room they could! The first place winner below will have their room added to the staff picks until the end of February, so be sure to head over and check it out!

Click on the lucky winners below to view their beautiful rooms.

1st Place: asai

2nd Place: spaghet

3rd Place: cormac

Please find autumn or annabelle in-game to receive your badge.

If you read the previous December Events article, you should know that users were on the lookout for gift boxes while participating in the Christmas Quest. The correct number of presents throughout the quest was a whopping total of:


The list of users below can find autumn or annabelle in-game to collect their nifty badge!






Although the users put up a mighty fight to win the Last Man Standing competitions, we believe an order of congrats needs to go out to our lovely staff for staying awake just as long in order to maintain the event! If you missed out on who won these events, here are our champions:

Christmas AUS LMS

1st Place: Wired

2nd Place: mop

3rd Place: odd

Christmas GMT LMS

1st Place: Wired

2nd Place: @

3rd Place: desiree

Christmas EST LMS

1st Place: natsu

2nd Place: darkest

3rd Place: NBA

New Year’s AUS LMS

1st Place: fake

2nd Place: elisa

3rd Place: xi

New Year’s GMT/EST LMS

1st Place: Wired

2nd Place: Pro

3rd Place: angel

As you all know, we tested out a new project this month by adding the snowflake currency that was achievable by staying active, participating in events, and looking out for our fun little workshops.

What did you guys think of this idea? Would you like to see similar things implemented into future events? (i.e. February being heart currency, March being shamrocks, etc). What did you like about the snowflakes and what did you dislike? Hit the submit button below and leave your opinions!

The Habboon Staff Team

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