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Hello, Habboon!
We have lots planned for the month of February as it is a favorite holiday for some of us! For all things pink, red, and lovely we have thought out a bunch of ideas for everyone to participate in. Keep reading below to see what we’ve got in stores!

Running: February 1-10
(A huge thanks to user Carlos for the badge!)

If you love building festive rooms, we have a challenge for you - create us a Valentine’s-themed Welcome Lounge for our users to hangout in! All submissions must be in by February 10th. The winner will be chosen by our staff and will have their room set as the Welcome Lounge for users for the remainder of February!

Running: February 1-28
(Huge thanks to user c for the badge!)

During each day in February, a Cupid bot will be placed in any public, staff-owned, or staff-picked room. By searching owner: tonta and heading over to [VAL] Cupid’s Love Nest, you can catch a hint of where he might be hiding out during that specific day, but pay attention! Cupid seems to enjoy spending copious amounts of time thinking about a specific staff member! Pay attention to the rooms he visits more often than others as well as the clues he will give - he sometimes speaks out loud! At the end of the month, hit the submit button at the end of the article to guess which staff Cupid loves most!

Running: February 1-28
(Huge thanks to user c for the badge!)

Throughout the month we have a special staff-owned events room for all of you gamers! You can find it under owner: autumn and heading to [VAL] Valentine’s Events, or by following the EHA of whichever staff is using it to host! Participate in fun games to win a lovely badge for the month of February and extra diamonds!

Running: February 1-28
(A huge thanks to user Carlos for the badge!)

Another lovely outfit contest! Submit your finest outfit around the theme of Valentine’s for a chance to be featured in the winners article as well as gain the badge below. Enables & effects are allowed for this, however no outside editing may be used.

Running: February 1-28

During the month of February we want you guys to keep a lookout for our little pal Quackers, the Valentine’s Duck! He will be placed in any public, staff-owned (unlocked), or staff-picked room. New additions will be made every day so make sure you keep counting right until the very end! Use the submit button at the bottom of the article to enter your guess on how many ducks  are hiding around the hotel!

Running: February 1-28
(Huge thanks to user c for the badge!)

What’s that sound? Could it be… Someone advertising on our hotel?!
As common as advertisers are on Boon, what isn’t common is this spunky badge you can collect ONLY during the month of February! To do so, help us catch those pesky advertisers! If you see someone advertising another retro, hit that report button so our staff can send em to where they belong - Advertiser’s Heaven.

Running: February 1-20

Help! Our staff need dates to the 2019 Valentine’s Ball! If you’re interested in being paired up with one of our staff, hit the submit button below in order to fill out an application form. We want to know what you’re interested in in order to determine if the staff you want is suited for you or not! The winners will be announced at the 2019 Ball. Dates below.

DATE: February 23, 2019

TIME: 4:00 PM EST, 10:00 PM BST, 9:00 PM GMT

Head down to the 2019 Valentine’s Ball to celebrate with our staff! You can look forward to the regular competitions of best-dressed male, female, and couple as well as the reveal of our staff speed-dating selections!

Running: February 2-28

If you enjoy competing in games against others to be the one who comes out on top, then the Valentine’s Carnivals are the spot for you. We’ll be running both a luck and skill carnival where groups of 16 users will play through rooms with 2 users being eliminated each round until the winner is determined!

(A huge thanks to MOD-Wout for these amazing badges!)

If you enjoy skill-related games such as races, snake run, and fastest typer, then the skill carnival is your time to shine! Watch out for the hotel alert for when it is open to compete! The room can be found under owner: autumn - [VAL] Carnival Entrance.

(A huge thanks to MOD-Wout for these amazing badges!)

If you enjoy luck-related games such as heaven or hell, bingo, and banzai run, then the luck carnival is for you! Watch out for the hotel alert for when it is open to compete! The room can be found under owner: autumn - [VAL] Carnival Entrance.

Running: February 17-28

A classic Valentine’s Quest for everyone to partake in! Find it by searching owner: autumn and heading over to [VALQ] Entrance. During your time in the quest, keep an eye out for the Chocolate boxes featured above! Count how many you find and use the submit button below to be entered for a chance to win the badge!

(Huge thanks to user c for the badge!)

Running: February 22 - Onward

Grab a pal and get racing! From the 14th-28th of February, there will be a small mini-game in the Staff Picked Rooms where you can compete with a friend! You both must beat the Valentine’s themed furni through a pod race before the time runs out - if the furni reaches the end before BOTH players, you must restart. Each level will become progressively harder!

We hope you all enjoy the festivities this month! If you have suggestions for new events/quests/games you want to see on the hotel, be sure to speak with autumn, annabelle, or linds in-game or on discord!

Habboon Staff

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