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Clothing Items!

You might have noticed already that we've added the latest clothing lines to the hotel! We've kept some behind locked doors for future events, giveaways, currency stores and other 'release' methods - but most of it's there. If you happen to have any problems with redeeming it, make sure to clear your cache (check your browser history settings) and then reload your client.

Just to clear up any confusion with the 'locked' clothing. The reason for this is that it gives something for us to get users excited about winning. Badges and rares make great prizes! But clothing is always heavily desired and one of the main items you will see being sold about the economy. We know you want your clothing though, so we've not tortured you. You'll see the locked clothing eventually and then you'll be excited to try and win it! :)

Facebook Resurrection!

If you haven't already, make sure to go give our Facebook Page a like! We'll be posting a lot more content over there to start better and more proficient interaction with our users. Expect weekly competitions, daily updates and voucher codes up for grabs! We also offer 24/7 support with all users through our Facebook page if you aren't able to find help on the website or access the site.

Make sure to check out all our other social media accounts too. Just click the below to be re-directed to our official pages for the following sites:

And don't forget to join our Discord Server, to join lots of active discussions, advertise your trades in our trading channel, meet new Habboon players and be on the look-out for competitions, fun events and more!

That's all... for now!

We're currently having discussions for a lot more that will be coming to Habboon over the next few months! This article was mostly a fluff piece to keep the article section active for the time being and to also just be a quick reminder on things. If you have any feedback/suggestions for the site, feel free to leave some over on the feedback Google Form over here!

Keep your eyes peeled for new things all the time. New furniture, quests, events, features, clothing and more! Anyway, thanks for reading.

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