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(a huge thanks to user jules for these beautiful GFX as always!)

Hello, Habboon!

Now that we’re into March, we wanted to thank all of you for participating in our February events! We hope everyone enjoyed and we have tons of exciting things coming up for you all, so just you wait! Keep on reading for our results.

(A huge thanks to user Carlos for the badge!)

Although we experienced a technical difficulty during the time of the homeroom entries and unfortunately did not get to have one of you lovely rooms submitted, it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the efforts! Each user who submitted a room will be featured below and will receive the badge above (find either autumn or annabelle in-game to collect) - click on their username to view their room!











Thank you all so much for your amazing submissions.

(Huge thanks to user c for the badge!)

If you looked around the hotel every few days in February, you would have found a nifty little Cupid bot sitting around! Now, there was one staff member who he seemed to have a hankering for compared to the rest… and it was annabelle!

The users below submitted the correct answer and will receive the badge above! Please find autumn or annabelle in-game to collect.

Dess - Regina - ally

(A huge thanks to user Carlos for the badge!)

We saw some funky contest entries this time around for our costume contest!

Thank you to everyone who participated - but as we know there can only be three of the best outfits entered… The top three featured below will win the pink rose badge above by finding autumn or annabelle in game. Click on their username to view their outfit!

1st Place: wanted

2nd Place: @

3rd Place: spaghet

If you logged on often during February you would have noticed these pesky little ducks hiding around the hotel… and more appeared every day! A special thanks to our lovely Bobby for logging on and dropping these suckers in public, staff-picked, and staff rooms for everyone to count. If your username is featured below, you submitted the correct amount! Please find any admin+ in game to grab your ducky badge above!

The grand total of ducks was 42!

ShaneCrawford is our winner!

(Huge thanks to MOD-Wout for the badge!)

For our Valentine’s ball this year you users had a chance to pick a staff member that you wanted to get your feelings out for and hopefully get to spend the ball with! Read the results below.

Carlos & autumn

ally & MOD-Lord

headass & elisa

gucci & annabelle

lily & pespidoge

sins & MOD-Scammer

sly & MOD-Wout

Amy & MOD-amen

aimee & MOD-Canadian

darcey & MOD-devi

Zodiak & tonta

Hossbrookshero & linds

mil & MOD-ezekiel

Pie & MOD-desiree

In our Valentine’s Quest this year we had you on the lookout for the chocolate boxes featured above! If you happened to submit the correct number and your user is featured below, find autumn or annabelle in game to receive your badge!

The total number of boxes in the quest was 32!

shreya - neo - mags - angela - amylogy - Russell - Oreocakes - saturn

Once again, thank you to all of the users who participated in February’s events and to all of the staff who made sure we had everything ready to go!

See you next time!

Habboon Staff

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