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During the past few weeks, we've been taking procedures towards securing a stronger and healthier economy for the hotel. A lot of users have been vocal about their viewpoints on the economy and it's clear that the final result is what we all want: a strong, thriving user-based economy. So, you'll be noticing a few major changes happening on the hotel that will effect the economy in a long-term run and allow us to have more freedom with our rares and currency distribution methods.

However, there is one big change that we plan to make to the hotel that will be happening in the very near-future. This will be a 'economy reset' of accounts that are inactive for 6 months or older. We took numbers from the entire hotel and tested with different 'last login' periods to decide on the best inactive amount of months to wipe accounts from. The reason for this wipe is the following

  • 221 Limited Edition Rares will be freed up. (8 megas, 4 ubers, 66 ultras and the rest will be supers)
  • 258,342 total rares will be freed up.
  • 12,076,422,034 credits will be freed up.
  • 2,783,027,515 duckets will be freed up.
  • 115,431 diamonds will be freed up.

As you can tell, a lot of currencies and rares will be removed and freed up - making for a more focused and streamlined economy. The following is still large numbers but it's a lot less than the over-saturated economy we're currently dealing with. After removing the above, we will be left with:

  • 5,321,079,937 credits within the economy.
  • 3,881,400,080 duckets within the economy.
  • 853,840 diamonds within the economy.
  • 413,701 rares within the economy.
  • 2873 Limited Edition Rares within the economy.

As you can see, it means we'll have a lot more currency and rares removed and stored away for staff to re-use during events and other prize-earning methods. This results in us being able to give to the current active playing users once more, instead of allowing them to be stored and collecting dust on accounts that are no longer active and being used. It benefits the hotel that we currently work on and put our focus into, rather than the past.

This reset will be taking place at the end of FRIDAY 15TH MARCH 2019, so feel free to log on any accounts you store rares on to mark them as active and alert any friends that wish to one day return to our hotel. Only accounts which are 6 MONTHS INACTIVE OR MORE will be effected by this change. So, if you're still playing, don't worry.

We also will be making small changes within the next few days:

  • Removing the bulk diamond furniture section.
  • Increased diamond prices of furni for more rarity within the community.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully these changes work with the vision we have for the economy and also we hope to make a more thriving and healthy community alongside you all over the oncoming months. We have rare release schedules in the making and other rare methods to help create a once more active trading ecosystem.

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