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Welcome to Gamer Of The Week!

Brought to you by MOD-desiree and MOD-eggyolk!

That’s right, Booners. GOTW is back to find the most hardworking and competitive user around!
GOTW stands for Gamer of the Week, which rewards the top events players of the past seven days. For every hotel alerted event that you win, you will be awarded 1 GOTW point. On weekends, you will receive 2 GOTW points for every event won! You can keep track of the number of GOTW points you have accumulated per week by looking at the top right hand corner. At the end of the week, these points are added up and the top three can win some groovy prizes! We hope you are all excited and ready, and may the best Booners win!

Here are some friendly guidelines to make your game experience a little bit easier!

If you are playing, here are a few things to take note:
• Do not share answers.
Do not leave events purposely with the intention to let your friends win.
Do not exclude people in “last to’s”.
This is known as teaming and if this occurs, you will NOT be able to place in the top three for that week.

Please also keep in mind that events are meant to be fun for everyone! This means being respectful to both the host and other players. You will be striked if you’re constantly rude or negative towards the host or other players during events!
Strike 1: Users will not allowed to place in the article for the corresponding week.
Strike 2: Users will not able to receive GOTW points.
Strike 3: Users will not be allowed to play any staff hotel alerted events.

If you are hosting, here are a few things to take note:
Please ensure that your events room is fully functional (e.g. your games have been wired properly, other users do not have rights in your events room etc).
The minimum hosting time is 30 minutes, and the maximum is 1 hour 30 minutes. For each 30 minutes that you host, you will receive 1 GOTW point. The maximum number of GOTW points you can achieve each time you host is 2. These will be given after you have hosted providing that you do NOT get striked as a host by the end.
You cannot host events immediately after hosting, meaning that another player must host before you are able to host again.
Should you happen to disconnect whilst hosting, you have 5 minutes to return.
You are not allowed to rig events for certain users to win.
You are not allowed to kick (only with staff permission), ban or mute users.
Above all, ensure that everything remains FAIR for all players!

Should you fail to comply to them, you will receive one strike. One strike will last for a month. In the event that you receive three strikes, you will not be able to host again until the first strike has been removed.

For all GOTW rules and FAQs, click here:


Good luck!

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