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As we announced earlier this week, we were planning to wipe all accounts that were inactive for 6 months and more. To learn about our mind-set behind this decision, you can read about it on the article we posted alongside the announcement which can be found here. It was a decision that we decided to make ourselves to help even out the economy and give ourselves much more freedom to play with rare releases, currency rewards and future distributions. 

Now, how did our wipe perform? Well, we realized that there was a bit more extra information we forgot to take into consideration before we announced the wipe which allowed us to clear even bigger numbers than what was stated on the article. This lead to the following aftermath of results: 


  • 6,341,403,421 Credits are now in the economy. 
  • 3,913,859,138 Duckets are now in the economy.
  • 822,889 Diamonds are now in the economy.


  • 356,131 rares are now in the economy.
  • 3,070 Limited Edition items are in the economy. (957 owned by BoonValues)


  • Marketplace has been reset, taken into account inactive sales accounting for billions of credits.
  • Removed historical Santa presents 
  • Cleaned up billions of inactive exchange credit items.
  • Added credit tax to roomsales, if an exchange item is in the room.

So, there you have it. This was a big phase of our long promised economy fixes which have had a positive effect overall on the economy. We now have a lot more leeway to work with for releasing future LTDs, planning future rares, giving back what we've vaulted, smaller and more focused currency amounts and much more. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more anticipated upcoming changes and news involving our economy. We're also hard at work at all aspects of the hotel right now, so stick around to see what else we're updating and changing. Thanks for reading! 

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