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(Huge thanks to jules for these gfx!)

Hello, Booners!

Are you as excited for April as we are?! We sure hope so, because we have some funky events going on this month for you all to participate in! Keep on reading to find out what!

Running: April 5-19

(A huge thanks to user lily for editing these spicy badges!)

We heard requests for an Easter quest, and here we are, ready to answer them! From April 5-19, users will be able to participate in a classic quest in order to obtain some cool Easter badges! To find it, search owner: autumn and head down to [EQ] Entrance.

While you’re playing the quest, count the number of egg baskets pictured below! If you say the correct number in the end room, you will receive an additional badge, but be warned. You only get one shot, so count carefully. If you say the incorrect number you will not get a second chance!

Running: April 1-30

From April 1-30, the entire staff team will be running an Easter Carnival! It is made up of both luck and skill games, and will allow users to compete against each other in a battle to come out as the winner! To find the room either follow the staff who hotel alerts it, or search owner: autumn and head over to [EC] Entrance!

Running: April 1-30

(A huge thanks to users jules & Carlos for these amazing badges!)

For the entire duration of April, staff will use a special Easter-themed events room to host regular events. It can be found by searching owner: autumn and heading down to [staff] Easter Events! Eight of our staff will have one of the special badges above that can be collected by users who actively participate in events and win games! Watch out for the following staff:

autumn - annabelle - linds - tonta - MOD-Wout - MOD-desiree - MOD-devi - MOD-eggyolk

Running: April 1-30

(A huge thanks to user lily for editing this spicy badge!)
If you help us keep those pesky advertisers off of our hotel during the month of April, staff will reward you with the beautiful badge above! Let’s keep Habboon safe together!

Running: April 1-15

If you’re interested in making badges and want to celebrate Easter this year, look no further!

Design up your best Easter-themed badge and hit the submit button below for your chance to be our 2019 Easter Day badge! If your work is chosen, your badge will be placed in the Welcome Lounge for the duration of Sunday, April 21st and every user who logs in on Easter Sunday will be given it!

*All badges should be 40x40 or 42x42 and submitted in gif format*


Running: April 1-15

Have some cool ideas for an easter themed room? Well, here’s your chance to show it off and win some prizes along the way! We want to see all kinds of rooms, full of imagination and creativity, but more importantly: something we have never seen before. Make your own amazing Easter wonderland and wish everybunny a crackin’ holiday!

Click here to submit your room!

Running: April 1-30

(A huge thanks to MOD-Wout  for this amazing badge!)
Throughout the Easter weekend an opportunity to win a SUPER will be up for grabs! Take part in betting in Annabelles Easter Casino and try to obtain the most winning bets, but remember, you can only have the chance to win if it's INSIDE her casino.

Please note that any fake betting between friends will not be prohibited and will not count as a winning bet. (Trade logs etc will be monitored) For a chance to win, you'll need to be betting anything 20 thrones and over.

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