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Are you one who likes to showcase your creativity and spectacular sense of style? Do your outfits often leave others in awe? If you said yes, then look no further! Welcome to a brand new edition of Outfit Of The Week brought to you by tonta & MOD-deviOOTW is a weekly competition where users are given the opportunity to shine by submitting their best outfits according to each week’s theme! If you place in the top 3, you can win these cute badges! 


Last weeks theme was Jobs/occupations. Congratulations to the winners below!

In FIRST place: png as a firefighter!

In SECOND place: blsm as a miner! 

In THIRD place: ashley as a flight attendant!

(Please click the usernames to see their submissions!)

Let your imagination run wild and your creative juices flow as you tackle this weeks outfit of the week theme. This weeks theme is cartoons! Submit your best attempt for a chance to place in next weeks article!

Only one entry is allowed per user

Backgrounds affecting the costumes are not allowed

Only submit outfits relating to the theme

Do not use enables in your entry - we want the outfit only

Do not plagiarise your outfit

Blurry and low-quality entries will not be judged

Try to be as creative as possible

If you are hateful or abusive to winners, you will be disqualified

Create an outfit that fits the theme, screenshot it, upload it to IMGUR, and then click submit and follow on from there

Try to make the background of your submit image white

Face forward in your submissions

DISCLAIMER: Do not use PRNTSCR as it doesn’t allow us to save the images.


Please click here to submit your outfit!

All entries are due in by Wednesday the 17th of April, 11:59PM GMT.

(If you have any questions or theme suggestions, message tonta#3307 on discord)

Kind regards

tonta & MOD-devi

**Winners will have until the next submission deadline to collect their prizes from tonta & MOD-devi in-game.**

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Wow......wig my first article :O

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Wow well done winners and love the article !!!!

tonta 9 months ago

wd winners x

desiree 9 months ago

We love you tonta <3

shitpipe 9 months ago

Good article, not as good as BOTW though. Tonta.

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Sledmore 9 months ago

Hey!! These should be back now...

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Wow......wig my first article...


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