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Hi! Lately, we've been done something strange... We've been working on Habboon. How odd?

Below is a list that should cover almost everything we've done lately.

  • • Created 'The Hub' Habboons new homeroom.
  • • Added a dynamic & self-updating polaroid wall to the Hub consisting of all user published photos.
  • • Added an automatically updating in real-time GOTW podium, seen in the Hub.
  • • Added the Habbo opinionated polls, as seen in the hub.
  • • Added an event striking command.
  • • Added the crate system to the Hub, almost finally ready to launch!
  • • When an event is started an 'Events Active' sign appears in the Hub.
  • • When an event is started the elevator opens in the Hub, Frank also announces it.
  • • When an event ends, the Hub resets the custom announcement features.
  • • New accounts can no longer purchase rooms, this is to prevent credit boosting issues.
  • • Crackables and Pinata support is finally here!
  • • NEW Pinata achievements. Breaker & Whacker! You gain breaker by breaking a Pinata, whacker is given on whacking one!
Generic tweaks...
  • • Bots can now shout, as well as regular 'say'.
  • • Changed the behaviour of a number of furniture in the SWF.
  • • Tickets now track the staff who were online at the time.
  • • Certain bots can override the users preference for listening to them.
Bugs Fixes!
  • • Fixed an issue where you couldn't purchase a room.
  • • Fixed an issue where bot rotation changes when dropping a bot again.
  • • Fixed an issue where bot mottos reset when dropping a bot again.
  • • Fixed an issue with bot Z height in the database.
  • • Fixed rotation on users when automatically spawning to their last location.
  • • Fixed issues with moderation ticket tracking (statuses & moderator).
  • • Improved idle / session tracking for staff.
  • • Fixed an issue where GOTW points would not save to the database.
  • • Fixed an issue where photos would not load when using Firefox.
  • • Fixed an issue where Info Terminals would not load when using Firefox.
  • • Fixed an issue where help windows (chat, navigator, etc) would not load when using Firefox.
  • • Fixed an issue where placing not already configured crackables would DC the person who clicks them.
  • • When rotating a chair, the user now rotates again FINALLY.
  • • When removing a chair, the user now stands up again.
  • • When the server shuts down, the users rotation is now also saved.
  • • You can now apply saddles & horse effects to horses again.
  • • You can now ride horses again.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to throw suggestions / feedback in the comments below, thanks!

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Taearo 5 months ago

Please, remove the rights section in the hotel navigation. The me section. It's not really pleasant to see, where locked rooms can't be remove rights. Then all those dead rooms in your list seeing you can't remove it.

dsfadsfdsfds 5 months ago

suck my cu

kms 5 months ago

shuffles- x

thepixel700 5 months ago

Keep up the great work!

cam 5 months ago

love ur work Craig <3

Alfredo_Bonanno 5 months ago

When will there be an update in which the Pets Section is fully functional and can now allow pets to breed certain pets? However, that update is a lot and thanks again Habboon for the many blessings you've done! Godbless you!

shecries 5 months ago

habboon is the most welcoming retro i have ever played. its unique and different. thats why i take my time to log on everyday ! and it just keeps getting better.

cuddle 6 months ago

love the positive vibes and support from the habboon community!! it's all for u n u guys r amazing! ! !

Caesar 6 months ago

cheers. custom clothes ;)

l14dfhfvvvdhh 6 months ago

thank u devs, owners, n staff team for ur hard work :P

hossbrookshero 6 months ago

good job slebmore

Strul83 6 months ago

Great news. :)

Georgios$ 6 months ago

Thanks for using my photo for the homepage banner :D

George 6 months ago

Nice banner

devi-previously-was-a-moderator-but-isnt-anymore 6 months ago


Rubelo 6 months ago

where can i buy pinatas

Dylan_Moretti 6 months ago

do a betting

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Please, remove the rights sect...

suck my cu

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