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Welcome to Badge of the Week!

Interested in making badge? Looking for a creative outlet? Wanting to make a valuable artistic contribution to the hotel?

You've come to the right place!

Badge of the Week is an article that allows users to explore their creative side and design a badge that could potentially win and be a part of the Hotel. Each week there will be a set theme in which users will have to make badges that are in accordance to that theme.

(Winning badges will be available in the catalog under the Badge Shop for users to have access to.)

We are on the lookout for unique badge ideas and creations. We are not only judging based on aesthetics, but also the originality and quality of the idea you have come up with!

Each week will consist of a new theme and we take all theme suggestions into consideration.

We are excited to see what you guys have to offer!

You must meet the requirements for your badge to be valid.

- Badge size must be inbetween 40x40 minimum to 42x42 maximum.

- Badge must be submitted in .gif format (add this to the end of the link)

(Save your image file as a .gif and then upload the badge to imgur.com)

- You may use guidelines from existing imagery but there is a fine line

between copying an image and using it as a guide/inspiration

- Copied entries from existing badges will be disqualified

- PNG (transparent) background 

- Single entry only

Congratulations and well done to the winners! It was extremely difficult to choose winners and each entry was unique and very well thought out. However sadly, we cannot place everyone.


This week is an easy theme! Get creative and try to come up with unique types of food!

Related image

Have fun and good luck! We look forward to your entries.

1st Place = N/A

2nd Place = N/A

3rd Place = N/A

First, Second and Third place winners will receive one of the badges above

NOTE: Prizes are on hold temporarily, but your names will be listed and you will be given the prizes shortly.

To submit your badge entry click here

Some applications that may be useful are; Photoshop, Paint.net, Gimp, Paint tool SAI


Once again, we look forward to your entries and thank all our participants! It is thanks to you that we can provide such an article and be able to share many badges within the community. Your efforts are much appreciated.

If you have any questions, please contact elisa or MOD-P in game! If you can’t find us online feel free to contact us on Discord!

Elisa#1111 or Harry#1234

- Elisa and MOD-P

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jptr 1 year ago

super noice

carnage 1 year ago

WOOOOO CEE booo enzo

Patrick 1 year ago


elisa 1 year ago

Amazing. Gl for next weeks !

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super noice

WOOOOO CEE booo enzo

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