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Hello, Habboon users!

Are you excited for the month of May?! We know we are!
Beginning on May 1st, 2019, Habboon will be running Super Mario Month!
If you’re a fan of the red hat and mustache plumber-pro, keep on reading to see what we’ve got in stores for the hotel.

(A huge thanks to user Carlos for these awesome badges and to the Boon Builder's team for helping us with rooms!)

If there’s anything cool about Super Mario, it’s the different worlds you get to play through! During the month of May, we’ll be opening six different worlds for users to partake in (and kudos to our staff & building team for doing such amazing rooms for this event) where you can play through levels, collect Power-Ups and hidden badges, and have a blast with your pals! Once a world is open, it will remain open until the end of the month to ensure everyone gets a chance to play!

To find the world map where all the worlds will be opened on their appropriate dates, use the Quest Bot in the Welcome Lounge or search owner: autumn and head over to Super Mario World Map!


OPENS: MAY 1, 2019

Join us in the classic Mushroom Kingdom for our first world! Complete the levels to gain your first Power-Up badge through fields of flowers, piranha plants, and coins!


OPENS: MAY 6, 2019
In world two, face hot sand, dry heat, and the dreaded, spikey Pokey plants to snag that fire flower!

OPENS: MAY 11, 2019
If you don’t like the cold, beware of world three! We’ve got avalanches, slippery ice, and plenty of baddies to get your Power-Up!

OPENS: MAY 16, 2019
Piranhas, starfishes, and water, oh my! If you don’t hurry, you’ll miss the Power Star!

OPENS: MAY 21, 2019
Bouncy clouds, mushrooms, and all sorts of beauty are hiding in the gorgeous cloud world!

(A huge thanks to user OjExile for this awesome badge!)


OPENS: MAY 21, 2019

Finally, after battling all month long to get into Bowser’s Castle, this is your big chance! In order to face off against the baddest guy around, though, you need to do the following:

1. Have completed all five previous worlds.

2. Have collected all five of the above Power-Up badges.

3. Be ready to fight!

Once you have completed the above steps, use the World Map to get into Bowser’s Kingdom! In order for the pathway to be open to you though, you must equip all five of your Power-Ups that you gained throughout the worlds (as in put on all five badges)!

(A huge thanks to user OjExile for these awesome badges!)

After you play through the levels of rock, lava, and fire, you’ll come to the dreaded Hallway before you face off against Bowser… And you get to choose your player! Pick between our two favorite plumbers above and after defeating Bowser you’ll receive not only Mario’s M hat, but a doll badge of your chosen player! But wait, there’s more…

(A huge thanks to user Guinn for these awesome badges!)

Are Mario and Luigi not the fighters you’re interested in? Not to worry!

In each of the five worlds there is a hidden level that you will have to play an extra game for - completing each mini-game will provide you with one of five hidden badges whether it’s one of our beloved baby Yoshis, or something much more special...

(A huge thanks to user Carlos for these awesome badges!)

Although we won’t be telling you which world holds which hidden badge, we can guarantee that it’ll be worth it because if you find the badges above prior to entering Bowser’s Kingdom, you’ll gain two new pick-your-player options: Princess Toadstool & her sidekick, Toad!

(When choosing Peach or Toad to face Bowser you must put on the corresponding hidden badge above in order to play as them!)

(A huge thanks to user OjExile for these awesome badges!)

(A huge thanks to user Carlos for this awesome badge!)

Those pesky people who advertise on our hotel sometimes can’t be spotted by staff!

If you see someone advertising another hotel during the month of May, reporting them will get you this nifty poisonous mushroom - let’s get those advertisers!

If you’re familiar with Mario, then you know all about Toad’s Shop - you enter, bump the golden block, and a Power-Up of some type is given! Sweet!

In a similar fashion we’ll be holding a Power-Up Pop-Up Shop (try saying that three times fast) three days in May. The room will be unlocked and hotel alerted for 30 seconds - if you get there in time you will be rewarded! Users in the room will walk on a banzai tile and teleport to one of five Power-Ups that were featured for the quest! This will enable you to skip a world if you’d prefer. The dates to look out for are:

Friday, May 10th

Friday, May 17th

Friday, May 24th

(times are random so look out!)

(A huge thanks to user Guinn for this awesome badge and another huge thanks to the Boon Builder's team for making the new rooms!)

If you’ve ever wanted to compete in a Staff vs Users event, this is it!

Random times throughout the month staff will gather and challenge users to a classic Mario Kart relay race! The winning team will receive the badge above.

(A huge thanks to user Carlos for this awesome badge!)

From May 1-30 users can submit their best Mario-themed outfits for a chance to be featured in the results article, as well as win the cute Mini Mushroom above!

To enter, click the Costume Contest banner above.

Users may use enables in their photos, but nothing outside Habboon may be used (no editing/photoshop/paint).

If you’re feeling brave, we’re really wanting to see someone try to make a Bowser outfit.

(A huge thanks to user Carlos for these awesome badges!) From May 3rd to May 31st, there will be a scavenger

hunt hotel wide! Search through all the public rooms, open staff rooms, quest rooms, hallways or any Super Mario themed room we have made for this month to receive all ten Yoshi egg badges in order to receive the Yoshi badge!

Click here to submit!

(A huge thanks to user Carlos & MOD-lily  for these awesome badges!)

We know the hotel loves to play some classic events, so we’re here to deliver!

During the month of May staff will host in a Super Mario-themed events room - any time events are on in this room, winners of the games will receive one of the badges above depending on who is hosting! Keep an eye out for the following staff members:

MOD-eggyolk / autumn / linds / MOD-desiree / MOD-P / annabelle / MOD-devi

If you have any issues regarding quests feel free to contact our event coordinators via discord:

autumn#1550 / lindsay#1727 / annabelle#4188

Habboon Staff

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no 1 year ago

i found all 10 badges http://prntscr.com/nmdky2

Netflix 1 year ago

I've found all 10 eggs!!! http://prntscr.com/nl9mz2

zzz 1 year ago

staff u did such a good job. this is so fun and creative and all of ur rooms are so fun im excited for future quests. WE LOVE U!!

G0D 1 year ago

? missed the event

Coupon 1 year ago

Pretty fun event, found one of the mushrooms to be glitched out in the lever room.

autumn 1 year ago

best of luck everyone!! x

gluttony 1 year ago


devi 1 year ago

WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW THANK U AUTTIE LINDS AND ANNA FOR UR AMAZING IDEAS these ladies have been working they bum bums off for the past month and a half for this quest!!! Im so excited I bought new olive oil for our baps.

Georgios$ 1 year ago

Best of luck folks :)

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i found all 10 badges http://p...

I've found all 10 eggs!!! http...

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