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(Huge thanks to jules for these gfx!)

Hello, Booners!
Now that April is over, we can take a look at the results for some of our fun festivities that we did this month!

As always with every event we throw, a big thanks goes to the Boon staff team - none of this would be possible without all of their help! The other big thanks goes to the users, of course. There would be no point in all of our building and planning if you guys didn’t keep supporting us and continue to show the utmost excitement about upcoming events! So we thank you!

(A huge thanks to users jules & Carlos for these amazing badges!)

We hope you all had a chance to collect these gorgeous badges over the April month - for those of you who managed to snag a few, congrats! You’ve found yourself a one-of-a-kind egg!

Congratulations for all those who participated in the contest! Without further adieu, read below to see who are the winners and receive the badge above. Click their names to see the amazing rooms they built!

FIRST: Paddy

SECOND: nooramin18

THIRD: Caitey

Please find autumn, annabelle or linds in-game to get the badge!

Stay tuned for our next events article to see what’s coming up for June!
Habboon Staff

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alex 3 weeks ago


pespidoge 3 weeks ago

That room is great @rainbow, but it's also a competition end of the day and comes down to the judgement of the judge. Not everyone is going to win, and sadly this time around - t.rex didn't. He should continue entering though, he is very talented. :)

Daniel_Parussi 3 weeks ago

Ho, marrone, if I fuckin saw the prizes? I'd actually do it, fuckin mamalukes.

gorepie 3 weeks ago

I agree with Rainbow too

Finakz 4 weeks ago

I agree @user Rainbow

Rainbow 4 weeks ago

https://imgur.com/a/FW5Qxpa user t.rex room^, he submitted this but did not win, i feel he deserved at least an honorable mention, i felt that he put in a lot of effort but sadly such talent was not of recognition

MOD-devi 4 weeks ago

hi cutie.chu u are cute

abc 4 weeks ago

what a fixed competition

cutie.chu 4 weeks ago

i wish i was around but wasnt because of stuff anyway congratulations to whoever won sadly i wasnt there i dont know if you remember me im cutie.chu im kinda popular i'll try to show up another time

MOD-cotton 4 weeks ago

congratulations to everyone who participated last month! <3

Annabell22 4 weeks ago

i wish to be a staff i like helping others in bulding or anything i want to help everyone of habbboon hotel

MOD-desiree 4 weeks ago


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That room is great @rainbow, b...

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