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(a huge thanks to linds & user c for these gfx!)

If you guys aren’t aware, June is Habboon’s birthday month - and not only that, but this year we’ll be turning a big SIX years old!

To celebrate, we’ve got a multitude of events that have been planned by our amazing staff to keep our users feeling the festive spirit! Keep reading to see what we’ve got happening!

You’ve been cordially invited to Habboon’s 6th Birthday Bash - but there are a few things we need you to supply! There will be four parts to this quest that we need you to complete in order to help us prepare for our birthday party!

The four quests will be for you to collect the following: candles, balloons, flowers, and, of course, the birthday cake!

In every room of the quest you will find a bot dressed as one of our lovely staff members - after completing the game in the room, the bot will whisper you an item that varies depending on the quest you are playing - you must remember each item IN ORDER! The only way to obtain your birthday items is to recite all of them in order in the final room.
Look at the Staff Picked Rooms on the navigator and head over to Birthday Town Entrance to begin!

Week One - Birthday Balloons
Opens: June 6, 2019

Each bot will whisper you a COLOR. Remember all colors in order to get your balloon for the birthday bash!

Week Two - Birthday Candles
Opens: June 11, 2019

Each bot will whisper you a NUMBER. Remember all numbers in order to get your candle for the birthday bash!

Week Three - Birthday Flowers
Opens: June 17, 2019

Each bot will whisper you a FLOWER. Remember all the types of flowers in order to get your bouquet for the birthday bash!

Week Four - Birthday Cake
Opens: June 23, 2019

Each bot will whisper you an INGREDIENT. Remember all the ingredients in order to bake your cake for the birthday bash!
(a big thanks to user c for the cake, candle, and balloon badges!)

Running: June 6-20

No birthday would be complete without an amazing birthday ball to end the month - but our staff are currently out of commission! That’s why it’s up to YOU, the users, to build your very own birthday ballroom that will hold the 2019 Boon Birthday Bash!

To qualify, your room must have the following:
An entrance area, a staff area, and a user area.

(An example of our previous year’s Valentine’s Ball)

We ask that your rooms are kept birthday themed - we want to see streamers, balloons, and presents galore!

Birthday Ball Date:
June 29th at 10:00 P.M BST

Running: June 7-30
(a big thanks to user c for the badges!)

From June 1-30, take a peek through Habboon’s public, staff-owned, and staff-picked rooms to find these hidden pieces of cake! Once you’ve collected all seven, take a snapshot of your badge inventory (make sure your user is visible in it as well) and submit it below to grab that glorious purple cake! *Make sure you sit on all the furni to find the right ones!*

Running: June 6-30
(a big thanks to user MOD-png  for the badges!)

The Circus has come to Habboon! Everyone gather around and enjoy the festivities the circus brings, from carnival games to animals to balloons to crazy circus acts!

Starting on June 5th, come play marvelous games, eat some cotton candy and get your fortune told by searching [CQ] Entrance under “linds”.

Then on June 17th, the circus tent will be open for business! Here you can see all the wonderful acts from trapeze to animals to magicians and more! To get into the tent however, you need to be wearing all of the badges you receive from the entrance room and say “finished”.

(a big thanks to MOD-png & user c for the badges!)

If you’re up for some staff versus users fun, this is the right place for you!

We’ve got various games that will be held during our birthday month, some of which include Base Wars, Soccer, Cluedo, and a relay race!

Stay tuned for an EHA from staff regarding these events so you can snag a chance to win some cool badges - and bragging rights for kicking staff butt (if you can)!

Habboon Staff

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